More About Me!

Thanks for visiting!  I’m Angie– a wife, mom, puppy-chaser, sister and wannabe writer.  I’ve been a runner for about twelve years.  I’ve run a marathon, numerous half-marathons, 10ks, 5ks and 4-milers..  I’ve fought off plantar fasciitis in both feet.  I’m currently shaking off stress fractures in my heel bone and tibia (September 2014.)  I’ve trained, slacked off, sprinted and slogged.  I love every mile but am quick to turn to the Dark Side (if you love snark, come find me about halfway through every long run.)  Though it sounds ridiculous, I’m eventually thankful for every completed run and the chance to feel that high.  Every run is a gift.

I recently set my sights  on my first marathon, and I shared the journey here.  I raised $2500 for the Spondylitis Association of American ( and hopefully spread some awareness of my sister’s disease, Ankylosing Spondylitis.

Are you a runner?  A couch potato who wonders what it’s like training for a race?  Someone who knows about or suffers from AS?  A friend of mine or my sister’s?  I hope that there’s something here for everyone.  I will try to pass on the joy and humor in running, share information about AS and have fun along the way–for myself and for my sister.

If you can, let others know about this blog.  Feel free to leave comments, advice and feedback.  If you can, please read about Ankylosing Spondylitis, a disease that often takes years to diagnose.  There is no cure for AS, and the damage that occurs from it can’t be reversed.  Sufferers often deal with years of physical and mental pain looking for answers before finally finding a diagnosis.  I hope that with greater awareness, the path to diagnosis and pain relief will be easier for sufferers.  I hope and pray for a cure…for my sister!

Run, walk–protect your health as best you can.  Give money to the cause.  Glad you’re here!


14 thoughts on “More About Me!

  1. Been looking through your blogs. New to WordPress and still trying to find my way around (using only the app). I appreciate the way you keep it real and your sense of humor. Being originally from MA (now in SC), I loved your Boston pics too. Today was day 1 of my first marathon training plan. The longest event I have run so far is 10k. Thanks for checking out my blog and let’s continue to run Boston strong!


    • I am so sorry for your cousin! I haven’t done enough to try and raise awareness, and it makes me so sad to see the toll it takes on people, especially since so much happens before it is typically diagnosed. I hate seeing my sister go through this while I am so currently healthy. I pray for AS sufferers every night!


  2. I came across your Blog last week and I have now read everything on it. Thank you for being so funny, honest and perceptive. Please blog more and often. BTW, you completely hooked me with your reference to “The Bird.” Words to live by: “C’mon, don’t be shy. Let your body get loose. You ain’t too fat to fly.”


    • Thank you very much! Your comment made me smile. I have been taking too much time off from writing this summer and hope to return with a new post in a day or two. Thanks for reading, and you’ve got me singing “The Bird” again! 🙂


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