Running Goals, Santa Suits and a Playlist That Probably Isn’t Normal

Now that the half marathon and the ugly days of summer running are behind me, it’s time to set my next running goal.  I am mulling over two options…

Spending a winter snuggled up like this with Stella is a tempting third option, but not one that I shall consider…



Do I run another marathon?  I would love to.  Much like childbirth, I have conveniently managed to block the negative from my mind (snotsicles, adhesions, plantar fasciitis flares, etc.) and only remember that hear-me-roar feeling when I crossed that finish line.  Part of me wants to gear back up and shoot for a spring marathon and a 4:15 time goal again (I finished in 4:22.)  

Problems with this option?  I’m not sure I’m mentally there for the miles required.  Plus, I feel this compelling need to try and get faster.  I would like to devote myself to a sub 1:50 half marathon and a sub 50:00 10k.  I think I could get there, but not if I recommit to the marathon distance.  In fact, over last winter’s beginner marathon training, I lost about 45-60 seconds off my pace…a loss I gladly gave up for the ability to run the increased distance.

If I scrap any marathon plan, then I’ll pursue option 2:  The Heartland 39.3 Series.  For this, I would run three half marathons in 5 weeks.  I would definitely be challenged.  In fact, my PF-addled foot might just tighten up and fall off in protest if I force it to do that series.

It’s intriguing…kind of like participating in a hotdog eating contest.  Sure, it’s gonna hurt, but there’s a major payoff, right?  Plus, I could really work on speed work and tempo runs with this option.

What to do, what to do?  I’ll mull it over in the next week or two.  And as always, I welcome thoughts/advice/kicks in the ass from my readers.  Tell this crazy MaybeMarathoner what I should decide…

In the meantime, I’m thinking about signing up for the Westport Santa Dash…I just got an email for it this morning.  You can run a 5k in a Santa suit!  

Do you think the suit would be moisture-wicking?  Gee, I wouldn’t want the belt to chafe my muffin top! 🙂

The entry fee is only $25 through the 31st of October, so I have time to decide.  I’m headed to Vegas this weekend with HH for some football watching/betting, perhaps some golf, and a fair bit of poker playing, so I’ll have plenty of time to contemplate if I want to run a 5k on a cold December morning or stay in my comfy bed with the heated mattress pad set on broil.

Finally, I made up a new playlist for today’s run (with Oscar and our new waist-belt system!)…and as I looked at it, I realized that it is pretty bizarre, which of course means that I must post it.  I can’t wait to head out on this beautiful fall day and get pulled around the neighborhood while listening to these tunes.  Maybe you could find a kickass running song in there–happy running!