Late to the Party, Slow in my Pace

Has everyone seen the viral video of the tortoise chasing down the guy who interrupted his mating mamba?

I feel like that postcoital tortoise could beat me running.

You want a shot at the title?



Yes, it’s an exaggeration, but (as I often want to say to my husband), reality isn’t the point.  The point is how I feel.

And I feel slow.

Coming back from injury is more difficult with advancing years.  In my thirties, the injuries I faced that forced me to take significant time off from running (IT band, plantar fasciitis, tissue trauma in my heel) were easier to fight back from…I regained pace within a few weeks each time.

This time has been different.  Age, fear, and 5-10 pounds of additional fat are holding me back, and I’ve been consistently running about 45 seconds below my previous pace per mile on my easy runs.  I know it’s all relative, and I know there are many people who would still love to run at my pace, and it’s just that I tend to focus on all the people who run faster paces.  But still, it’s frustrating to compete against a previous level of personal ability and consistently come up short.

And that’s not exactly motivating stuff to blog about.

But FINALLY I feel like I’ve broken through the wall, saddlebags and all.

No more crying, finally flying!

Not as slow, ready to go!

(Is it any wonder I don’t have many readers, when I write stupid stuff like that?)

In the past two weeks or so, I am back to running easy runs at about a 9:30-9:40 pace/mile with no problem, and my trusty Garmin is occasionally flashing those dips below the 9:00 mark during easy runs that I have missed like I am missing size small underpants.

Thank you, running gods.

And THANK YOU, Spotify, for finally entering my world.

Here is where I am late to the party.  I didn’t know until last week that if you have Spotify, you can play their playlists offline.  That was news to this old lady, but now I am hooked and listening to Spotify on all my runs! (I am currently on a free 30-day premium trial, and I’m not sure if you can also do this with their free version.)

So I am currently dazzling the neighborhood with speedier paces, fueled by Spotify playlists.  My current old lady favorite running playlists include 90s Slow Jamz and 80s Workout (Retro Hits.)  Check out this option for music if you are tired of your music library, and as Olivia Newton John say, Let’s Get Physical!

So if I wear a high-waisted leotard and tights with this headband, could I be the olive-skinned version of Olivia Newton John?


Better yet, could Oscar?



10 thoughts on “Late to the Party, Slow in my Pace

  1. 80’s musicis retro? That music is new age to me. Give me the good old 70’s. That is retro.

    Glad your running is going well. I was trilled to see your post. Keep em coming. 🙂


  2. I have not yet seen that tortoise video. It is hilarious. I love how the camera man just wanted to get the hell out of there. The thing problem never sees people or else I don’t think it would have chased them away.
    It also feels so nice to get back to running. Glad you are making progress! I love Spotify as well during long runs. I don’t want to be the ruin-er of the magic that is Spotify, but I think that the free version does not allow you to listen to songs offline. That’s what I have, and it poops out on me when I’m in low signal areas.
    I think that Oscar looks quite handsome with your headband! It makes him look like a hipster doggie. Now he just needs a dogbun.


    • Thanks for the heads up on Spotify! I am so in love with it that I expect to pay for premium, but it’s good to know. And Oscar does need a dogbun…you’re right. I don’t think he could look any more sad to be dressed up than he does in his headband pic, but the dogbun might do it. Good thing he loves me so much!


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