Outdoor Tech Adapt Review (and Final Half Marathon Prep)

My eagerly awaited shipment of wine Gap pants Penguin Drop Cap series hardcovers the Outdoor Tech Adapt came in the mail on Monday, readers, and I was thrilled to take it out for its first spin this morning.

But first, yesterday was our older son’s 15th birthday…which he spent sick, unfortunately.  Boo.  He rallied in time for evening birthday cake, but we spared him pictures since he was unshowered and wearing his Globogym Purple Cobras t-shirt.

I hate birthdays.  I spent half the day reflecting on mortality, motherhood and all that he has meant to me, and the other half just wishing time would freeze.  He’s fifteen now…only three more years until he marches off to college.  How that can be, I have no idea, but it’s what the numbers indicate, and numbers don’t lie.  Some of the most important years of his life are hurtling toward him, but those upcoming milestones occur without us, once he’s gone and out of the house.  I am excited for him and each new year, but I also want to hold him close and cherish each moment more than is possible.

Time is short.  He is hilarious and wonderful and unique, he and his brother truly the greatest source of joy and pride in my life.  I am ever thankful that God not only allowed me to be a mom, but his mom, the guardian of his precious soul.

Birthdays are the worst.  He is the best.

Moving on…

Here is my discount pink Outdoor Tech Adapt, modeled on my twig wrist with my Garmin 220 so you can see the size, because size matters, and I was worried that the boobalicious model in my pic from the last post might lead you to think that the Adapt was smaller than it actually is.  It’s the perfect size…small enough to fit anywhere easily, but big enough that the buttons are easy to push.


Though my wrist be but small, my middle physique is looking a lot like that monkey man in the picture, and he has my lowrider El Camino ass.  Note to self before commencing marathon training: ease up on the white devils.  They are no substitute for love, and you are not running 40 miles per week yet.

Another pic with my Yurbuds Focus for Women earphones, which I am still crushing on…


The clip is sturdy…I don’t think it will snap off easily.  Though I had read one review that complained about the device being difficult to pair, my iPhone made the magic happen in about two seconds.  Draw whatever comparison you like…just don’t make it about teenage boys, because I have one of those and have now decided that all males before the age of 30 are celibate, asexual or just not interested in ladies.

Don’t rain on my parade.

Anyhoo, I stashed my iPhone in my Spibelt, attached the Adapt to the headphones, clipped it to the belt and sauntered out for a 3-miler (I love that sassy word.)  

My initial reaction?  Not good.  For the first minute or two, the connection kept breaking up, so there would be tiny blips in the music (the signal being lost for just a second or so each time.)  Totally annoying, BUT the one good thing I could say was that at least when the sound came back, the music hadn’t stopped (obviously), so it was like the beat kept going, just with intermittent gaps.  It just wasn’t what I was hoping for, and I wondered, ignorant non-techie that I am, how Bluetooth works and what was happening. 

Oddly enough, it soon stopped, and then I just ran on for the three miles, able to adjust volume and skip tracks with the easy-to-use buttons.  Once I stopped running, though, the interruptions in sound started again.

Strange coincidence?  I have no idea, but even if the problem continues, I will use the device.  The Focus earbuds are the perfect headphones for me,  but I also really want the mic and easy-access controls.  I will keep you posted with any new observations on future runs, but I give the Tech Adapt a B- for now and plan on using it for Saturday’s half marathon, Running With the Cows.

I can’t describe how much I am looking forward to ending this Heartland 39.3 Challenge.  Though I will be super proud (that’s a technical term) to collect my medal for three half marathons in five weeks, right now I would wager that I will never do this series again, simply because I have hated the weeks in between each race.  Since running the disastrous Rock the Parkway half marathon on April 12, it has been four straight weeks of running limbo…recovering from a half marathon and taking it easy while trying to keep enough energy to run another race.  Four weeks of easy 3-4 mile runs every other day, along with taking 2-3 days off after each race, has left me feeling like I’m not running at all.  Couple that with reduced mileage long runs on the weekend (I only ran 5 on Saturday because I had Oscar with me and he about overheated and died), and I feel like a sloth.  It’s like living in a holding pattern, and I’m running out of patience.

Breakfast conversations with HH have included many a complaint from me: “I feel like I’m hardly running!” (complete with major whine).  “Um, didn’t you just run a half marathon last week?” “Yes, but other than that, I’m hardly running!”

“I just keep treading water…I’m not running hard.  How will I be ready to run another race?” “Um, didn’t you just run hard for 13 miles just over a week ago?” “Yes, but other than that–you know what I mean!”

I feel unprepared for this last half, yet running more isn’t the answer, as I know my legs are not 100%.  My 3-miler on Monday was a slugfest.  My ankles both ached in the front, like where the shin curves into the top of the foot, and the entire run hurt like the devil.  It felt like my tendons were leaking lactic acid, and every step was a challenge.  I knew I wasn’t injured, since the feeling was identical in both feet (a surefire sign that I was dealing with fatigue or overuse/training rather than an acute injury).  It just hurt with every step, much like a new runner might feel while adjusting to the impact of running.  Though I’d set out for 4 miles, I downgraded to 3 and walked the rest of the way home in disgust.

Today, the pain was better, but I still felt a bit tired at the end of 3 miles, which shakes my confidence.  I just want to get the race over with, at whatever the pace, so I can get back to real running without holding back.  I’ve got the NYC marathon in my sights, and I really want to start some significant cross-training plus go all Ace of Base on my mileage before launching into the actual training program.

Happy running!



21 thoughts on “Outdoor Tech Adapt Review (and Final Half Marathon Prep)

  1. I ran 13.1 miles 3 weeks ago and still can’t run consistently. I have NO idea how you could do 3 halfs in such a short time. That is amazing. I say you need to enjoy the accomplishment (once it is over). 🙂

    Oh, and happy birthday to your son. I’m sure your excited about him driving next year. My youngest is now 17. Time flies!!!


  2. FYI, that is clearly a Sasquatch. And I do agree with you that size does matter – you definitely don’t want anything too big. Compact and efficient is more desirable. 😉


  3. The monkey man on your new watch totally looks like sasquatch! That’s annoying that it keeps cutting out. Hopefully you will be able to figure it out. Good luck on your remaining half! I understand your frustration with not thinking that you are running. Tapering / resting after a race is the most frustrating part about running.


  4. I’m so happy I stumbled upon your blog! I love your writing style! My boyfriend is the same way I complain that I’m not fitness-y enough and he’s like uhh you just ran six miles yesterday right? I’ve definitely said, verbatim, “Yeah but other than that…you know what I mean” haha. We hold ourselves to standards that other people just don’t understand.


    • Thank you for reading (and for understanding!) I definitely have felt lazy these past few weeks, in spite of the half marathons. I will be glad to put this challenge behind me so I can feel more fitness-y again! 🙂


  5. Is it weird that I want that thing just because it has a Sasquatch on it? The concept of it is SO GOOD. Just sucks that you need to be moving a little bit for it to start doing what it’s supposed to. By the way, those headphones are still rocking my world.

    I’m sorry that you are having pains. :-\ You just need to get through one more race! You can DO THIS!!!


    • I think what is weird is that I didn’t recognize him as a Sasquatch and just thought “monkey man.” I am clearly not all there these days. I am anxious to run again with the Adapt and see if it cuts out again or if it was some kind of first-time glitch, because I’m not giving up those awesome headphones. So glad they are working for you too, especially with your marathon coming up!


  6. Happy birthday to your son – being a Mum is such a privilege – I echo your words. We have our children as little ones for such a short time but then we get to be friends with some really cool grown-ups who love us unconditionally. Pretty awesome really! One of life’s pure joys.


    • You are so right, and I absolutely love the young man he is becoming and this whole new facet of his existence…I just hate that I have to let go of the young boy! All stages are wonderful, though…


  7. My kiddo is 19 now and I wish he’d frozen in time at 15 or earlier. I’m glad I’m not the only one who hates birthdays.

    I’m bummed the doohickey doesn’t quite work perfectly. I hope continued use will be less glitchy for you.

    As for the “not feeling like a runner,” I hear ya. I’m 5 days since my marathon with just few shakeout runs and want to crawl out of my skin. Post race is waaayyy worse than taper time. I’ve got a 10k in 10 days, and I feel like I’m going to be a sluggish mess.


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