Tweaking Miles and Twerking Tails

Half marathon #2 of 3 is fast approaching, and I am so ready…ready to enjoy it and to run some real miles again.  I’ve never run two races like this close together (only two weeks apart), so I’ve been a little confused as to how to recover yet stay prepared for the next race. 

Basically, I’ve hated it.  I decided to follow Run Far Girl’s plan based on her experience last fall, which essentially called for a few days’ rest, then easy runs every other day until the next race.  I made one modification, subbing a 6-mile run for her 3-mile run last Saturday.  I just couldn’t bring myself not to do at least six miles.  I feel like it’s not enough running–like I’m losing what little edge I had–but yet I know I need to recover and take it easy so I’m refreshed for the next race.

My paces and energy have been fairly scattered.  My legs have felt pretty strong and like they’ve recovered quickly, but yet my energy has felt a little sluggish (“like a wet sponge!”) at times.  I tell myself, “It was only a half…suck it up!” and then keep plowing the road when I feel droopy, but I’ve also tried to listen to my body and not push myself to run too fast.  I am just trying to tread water until I can go out there and stink it up again! 🙂

I’ve been dragging an increasingly overheated dog on the last run or two, which hasn’t helped.

It’s all fun and games until I’m pulling him down the street…


My only goal for this next race is to avoid what happened last time…I don’t ever want to experience that type of episode again.  I am going to take a salt packet before leaving the house like I did before last spring’s marathon, and I am going to get a better water bottle so that I can take my Nuun with me (it leaked last time and I had to leave it at the car.)  I also am going to start off slower, in case that was part of the problem and also since my legs probably aren’t as fresh.  I am trying not to set any time goals, although I will be pissed to come in anywhere over 1:55.

In other news this week, HH and I took the boys to see Mizzou (our undergrad) play Wichita State at Kauffman stadium the other night.  We got front-row seats, which really paid off when the KC Royals mascot, Slugger, decided to get a little fresh and entertain us with a little tail twerking.

Work it, Sluggerrr…anybody got some ones I can tuck into his waistband?


Even better than his piece of tail was our close-up view of the great hot dog race…it was close, but the “wiener” was Mustard…”squirting” by Relish for the victory!  Ketchup “squeezed” out of the gate too slow and just couldn’t “Ketch-up!”


Yes, I am laughing at my own lameness…pardon the buns puns!

As always, happy running, and to all those blogging friends who also are running races this weekend, good luck!


21 thoughts on “Tweaking Miles and Twerking Tails

  1. WOOO SLUGGERRR!!! I just laughed out loud at my desk and I’m so jealous that you got to witness a real life hot dog race. They do those at our stadium, but they are just CG characters on a big screen. Not nearly as fun.

    I think that last half was a total fluke. This one is going to be so much better! 🙂


  2. Good luck on your race! And keep the puns coming! BTW, you dog kind of looks like an Irish Wolf Hound. It’s not is it? I see them at the Irish festival each year and those things are huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge. (said in the voice of Tiny Elvis from SNL)


  3. I love your honesty: “Basically, I’ve hated it.” You set an ambitious goal and I admire you for pursuing it. And I understand your frustration, too. All the best for this weekend’s race!


  4. I’ve been trying to figure out how to do multiple race in short time frame too – 3 halves in 5 weeks for me. I did a few short runs an one long run (11) after the first race, but really backed off my pace for the long run. That seemed to keep me well prepared for the second race without overdoing it. Right now I’m recovering from race two and tapering for race 3. My plan is to do 6 on Sat and then one or two short runs next week. Good luck with your race…it sounds like you have a plan that is working and the right attitude about your finish time!


    • Same here…three halves in five weeks as well. Tomorrow is the second one, so I really have no idea how I will do. I will have to adjust based on how tomorrow goes. Best of luck to you in your third race…hope it’s fun and that you crush it!


  5. Three halves is such an undertaking! Way to go! One of the reasons I took so many rest days and ran so little mileage between my two halves was because I was feeling the exact same fatigue that you’re describing. I think taking it easy helped me, but I definitely felt worried that I’d loose my edge. I tried to work in a few strides at the end of a couple of the runs just to test out my speed and see if my legs were ready to “run fast” again. Good luck!


    • Thank you…I love your blog and your speed (maybe jealousy is a better term!) I am very worried about how it will go, but it’s a fun and difference challenge, and one that I hope will make me feel proud of my running base, even if my individual times aren’t spectacular. Thanks for checking in with me!


      • Thanks:) and you should be proud! You’ve got crazy endurance to be able to do that and a good base is really the foundation of good running!


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