Getting a Grip, and an Award!

With a few more days to reflect, I’m taking a little pride in last weekend’s race results, given my physical and mental state during the race (when vomit swam in my eyes and my brain formed only Doge-like thoughts)…


Thanks for your comments and encouragement…I appreciated them all!  I hope that the episode was just fluky, though I will continue to work on hydration and fueling in the future.  Luckily (?), I have my second half marathon next weekend, so I have an opportunity to try again, though I will probably line up around the 1:55 pacer instead of the 1:50, especially if the starting temperature is high.

My legs have really felt great postrace, as has my plantar fasciitis (hooray for cushy Smurf shoes.)  I went to see my podiatrist on Monday, and she said that my feet were in great shape.  She could not believe that I had run a half just two days before.  So yay for that!

Even better than my podiatrist appointment was my sports massage yesterday morning.  I had booked it as a just-in-case scenario, not that I felt like I really needed a massage after just one half marathon, but just so my muscles would be in good shape (no adhesions!) for the next two races.  I felt a little guilty and thought about canceling since everything felt fine, but that would be like throwing out the last glass of wine in the bottle of Burgundy because you’ve had enough.  You know…stupid.

Hello Sally!



I staggered out of that room like a new woman.  That therapist is a goddess.

Now for my award!  Thank you, Cat, for passing the Fantastic Four Award on to me!  Cat writes a great blog called Cat’s Mewsings, and we’ve just recently discovered each other (don’t you just love the blogging world?).  She recently bestowed the Fantastic Four Award to yours truly.  It includes the following…


Yay!  As part of the deal (we shall call it my acceptance speech), I am supposed to describe myself using each letter of the alphabet.  As a bonus, I am also going to free associate for each letter in italics.  Here goes (are you not entertained?!)

  • A: Anal retentive, avocado
  • B: Booklover, balls (my mind tends to wander into the gutter)
  • C: Carnivorous (what can I say?  I’m from the Midwest…don’t throw beans in my burger!), crunk (such a funny word!)
  • D: Dog lover (all dogs, all the time), Dunkin’ Donuts
  • E: English Muffin Top (just a few years away!), egalitarian
  • F: Francophile (three years in Switzerland changed me…I would love to live in France someday), funky fresh rhymes
  • G: Grammar Nazi, gross
  • H: Hangry (did you see it’s the new term for what happens to your mood when your blood sugar crashes?  I think I’m guilty of this sometimes…I get a little surly and HH says it’s time for me to be watered and fed), Huxtable (weird, but that’s what I thought)
  • I: Industrial/Organizational Psychology (my graduate degrees), ice cream
  • J: Junk in the trunk (I appear to be developing a second set of ass cheeks below the original pair.  They’re like El Camino buttocks), jazz
  • K: Kind of strange (old news), KICK IT (Beastie Boys style, and please, fight for your right to party!)
  • L: Lover of books, lobster
  • M: I have to say MaybeMarathoner, don’t I?, mommy
  • N: Never going to break 1:50 in a half marathon (OK, maybe I haven’t let it go yet), no
  • O: Obsessive…I fixate on things to the exclusion of what’s important, OPP
  • P: Part Native American…my grandpa is a fullblood Ottawa Indian, and my grandma is half Creek Indian, Punxsutawney Phil
  • Q: Quirky, quintessential
  • R: RUNNER (copying Cat here, but how can I not?), range (golf on the brain)
  • S: Seriously sick of cold weather and wind, Starbucks
  • T: Ticklish, Tickle Shits (anyone see The Campaign?  Hysterical!)
  • U: Uniform (Catholic grade school days, now my uniform is yoga pants and running shoes), underwear
  • V: Very distractible (squirrel!), verisimilitude
  • W: Wannabe writer, wine!
  • X: Xtra spicy on all food, Xanadu (now we are here, in Xanadu!)
  • Y: Y did I put you through this (is anyone still here?), y-axis
  • Z: Zany, zany

Thanks again, Cat, and I hope everyone checks out her blog!


12 thoughts on “Getting a Grip, and an Award!

  1. You had me at “are you not entertained?!” (love that movie!!) and kept me with Kick It!!! Glad you feel great after your crazy flukiness, that autocorrect wants to make flakiness…coincidence???


  2. When I got to “y-axis” I snort/laughed Diet Coke out my nose. Thank you.
    That massage was definitely well deserved and hooray for Smurf shoes keeping your feet looking fresh! I’m glad you are feeling better about the whole thing. I bet next time around you’re going to break that 1:50. 🙂


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