Old Injuries, New Shoes and a Quest for Fun

The first half marathon of the Heartland 39.3 Challenge is four days away, and I am wondering why I thought it would be fun to run three half marathons in five weeks.  I fee like I might be whistling Zip-a-Dee-do-Dah out of my you-know-what by the time I’m done with this quest.

Thanks to all who gave suggestions for my long run last weekend.  I appreciate it!  I ended up running a very comfortable 10 miles at around a 9:20, then shut it down with plenty of gas left in the tank, as I was running a bit late to take the boys to see War Horse (overall “meh” rating, but amazing puppetry!)  So it all worked out well…

The race is just four days away, so I drove the course yesterday.  I know most of it, but hadn’t been down by the start in quite awhile.  I sort of wish I hadn’t made the drive, because now I am nervous.  The overall course is fantastic and relatively flat, but the first three miles are all uphill…a steady, unyielding ascent up pain mountain.

Yuck.  I hate uphill starts.  I really was hoping to start slow and easy, but it looks like the first three miles will be a fight to contain my speed and desire to hurry up the hill and get it the hell over with.  I don’t want to pay for a mistake later on.  Hell hath no fury like lactic acid (or technically hydrogen ion) buildup.

HH is sick of running and just ready to get this over with.  Neither of us can remember what we listed as our projected finish time, so I am hoping we will be put in different corrals.  I just don’t want to see him during the race, because I have a feeling it would be highly DEmotivating for me.

And now for a lesson on shoes…lesson being that you should not go to your favorite running store and ask about new shoes on a busy weekend.  My plantar fasciitis has been kicking up big time in recent weeks, including my right foot, which is a new and frankly alarming development, as being hobbled on both feet is infinitely more difficult than limping around on one good foot.

My first thought was that my shoes needed replacement, as I knew they were close to the mark.  I went to Garry Gribbles (a major chain of stores here in KC) a few weekends ago and got a young kid in a full store.  He examined the soles and told me I was fine for quite awhile yet.  Well, three weeks later, and the little plantar fasciitis elf is still stabbing me in both heels with his tiny sharp sword.  I went back a few days ago, got an older dude, and was promptly told that the shoes should have been replaced quite some time ago and that the midsole had totally broken down.

Perhaps I should make a voodoo doll of the young worthless lad out of the frozen water bottle that I am constantly icing my feet with these past few weeks.  Ahole.  Wishing you an abundance of hydrogen ions on your next race, young man!

My new shoes are my same model (Asics GT-2000), but in a horrendous new bright aqua and orange orgasm of color.  I feel like a circus clown in these things.

Shine bright like a diamond!


My feet are feeling foolish but much happier, which is great considering that they have to take me through this weekend’s half marathon and two more before May 11th.

My race prediction? I am going to go lasso a 1:38:03 like Early to Rise Runner…no, I jest, but please go check out her AWESOME recap where she “chicked” some guys (my new favorite term) at the finish and spurred herself to a PR by five minutes.

I think she’s one of “those” people I’ve complained about in my post Ten Types of People Who Annoy Me During Races…you know, the real fit bitch.

I say that with love, Alyssa! 🙂

As for me, I could end up anywhere from a 1:52-1:56, I am guessing.  I will be happy with anything under 1:55, and I will drown myself in wine with anything over that number (who am I kidding?  It will be a wine fest either way!)

If I don’t do well, I will blame my running coach…


He’s always interrupting our training runs so he can defecate in a yard…




35 thoughts on “Old Injuries, New Shoes and a Quest for Fun

  1. I think those shoes are awesome! But, I tend to love ridiculously bright and fun shoes (and clothes!)…the crazier the better! So you probably shouldn’t listen to me 🙂

    Good luck with your race(s) and I hope the plantar fasciitis elf stays away!


      • Go back and look at the shoes I wore in Portland. Same bright smurfy blue as yours. And I wear size 11 in running shoes. They were big blue skis!
        Really – who cares what they look like? If they make you run fast, that’s all that matters, right?


      • Eleven? I feel better! And you’re right…but no shoes have ever helped me run fast. 🙂 Maybe the scurfy blue will carry me to a PR this weekend…keeping my Smurfette fingers crossed!


  2. I feel your pain re:3 races in 3 weeks, although mine are a 5k, a half and a full. I’m pretty sure I was on a runner’s high when I signed up for this schedule.

    And, wait, I didn’t know you were in KC. As in Kansas City? My brother lives there (technically Overland Park). He doesn’t run though.


  3. Why did Asics go all blue and orange on us? I just got new shoes, too, and I wanted the same purple and turquoise I had before, but that model (different from yours but I forget the number) is now blue and orange (though the colours are a little more subdued and not as shockingly bright as yours…). Have a great race!


  4. I think that color is less of a ‘bright aqua’ and more of a ‘blue balls’. That’s why it goes so well with the ‘orange orgasm’. Haha, and don’t worry about Alyssa. She’s a punk.
    Good luck in your race!!!


  5. We have Asics gt 2000 in common. They saved me when Saucony changed the profile of the Guide without telling anyone and made my running horribly painful. I love my Asics. But I love your colour. This year’s model in the UK are just plain white.


  6. New running shoes are such a pain in the butt to me. I needed a new pair during the end of my last round of marathon training and went to a new shop and they didn’t have my same shoes. I literally brought back two pairs of running shoes after buying them, trying them on the roads and realizing they felt like crap on my feet. I ended up just wearing my old shoes in the marathon. Smart? Probably not. But I was so fed up with the whole process.

    Good luck times 10000000 on your race this weekend! Also, that picture is priceless and your running buddy is too cute.


    • It’s all fun and games getting new shoes until they don’t have what you want or they’ve changed a model. Then it all goes to hell! Thanks for the good wishes…and Oscar is quite the precious dog, isn’t he?


  7. Your coach looks so guilty in that picture. I love it.
    Those are some seriously eye catching shoes. I’m glad they are helping your feets! Good luck on your race! (And then the next one…and the next one…)


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