Why Don’t We Steal Away?

To Miami?  For four days?  Mid-February, when we’ll likely be close to slitting our wrists with the icicles that hang off the house, our nose, our cars, our very existence?

He threw out the idea several weeks ago, and since then it’s just looked better and better.

What, and leave all this?


Yeah.  Not a problem.

Leave these little cuties?

ImageThey have been disgusting, wet stinky beasts for the past week.  See ya, pooches!

I do hate leaving our boys, but my in-laws will be staying with them at the house, so they will be fine.  Also, they’ve been out of school since Tuesday because of the snow, so we’ve had lots of close time.  I mean LOTS.  More than enough, really.  🙂

I’m really looking forward to my runs this weekend.  Outside in a tank and capris?  HEAVEN!  Especially considering that my 3-miler on Wednesday afternoon was an exercise in torture.  Ten inches of snow on the ground, slipping with every step, I cursed and slogged my way through and dreamed of runs on the beach.  Sun.  Sitting outside sipping on cocktails with HH.

So, stay warm, peeps, and be careful on those runs!  I shall post again late next week after our return.  Happy running, happy weekend, and hello Miami!

I don't always head to Miami in Februrary, but when i do i rub it in


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