I Ain’t Blind and I Don’t Like What I Think I See…

Warning: I’m on my third cup of coffee at 10am, and I am ROLLING!

Old Man Winter blew in overnight, and I’m feeling a bit schizophrenic.  At the moment, I’m busy digging out my special hat with the hole for a ponytail, my toasty tech tights and my Smartwool running socks.  

I have such mixed feelings about winter running…

I love the feeling once I’m warmed up and about a mile in–the fresh cold air on my face feels so good!

I hate the pre- and post- feeling: leaving my perch next to our space heater , stepping out into freezing temperatures, feeling like a stuffed sausage, etc..

I love it far more than summer running, though, except for those really cold days where I run with a neck gator over my face and my snot/breath makes the gator wet and gross.  That is some nasty stuff!

Once I finish this post and gear up, I’ll head out for a 4-miler, because I need to get it done.  I’m hosting Thanksgiving next week, and my mom is coming in on Monday (my dad on Thursday).  This means that I need to have the house clean and my stuff organized by Monday, because otherwise Mom will want to help, and not only do I NOT want her to have to work, but I also don’t want her to help because we tend to have very different opinions on what constitutes a properly cleaned room.  I’m a little more laissez-faire and she’s a little more Marine.

I also want to have some Christmas decorations out, so I need to get to cleaning and also digging junk out of the 20 Rubbermaid bins I have sitting in the basement.

I have a sick 14-year old at home as well.  He staked his claim on a cold last night before bed.  Normally, when my kids say they’re sick, I try to maintain that delicate balance between sympathy and outright accusations of lying.  I ask them if they really really need to stay home, and when they say yes, I give them what I’ve always called the Eyes of Honesty–a great parent trick where I stare at them until they break (try it–it’s quite effective and useful in many types of parenting situations.)

I got up early to make Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread for my 11-year old (what am I? Mother of the Year?), and then my older one came down snotting and looking like death.  I put him in a plastic bubble and rolled him back upstairs…no eyes needed.  Get the F away from me.

I should also mention that I went to get my hair cut and colored yesterday (I’ve recently had to start covering grays…woe is me.)  I told my gal that I was ready for a change…25 years of long straight boring hair was probably enough.  Here are the parameters that my stylist had to deal with:

I don’t like change.

I want something different.

I consider a half-inch trim to be drastic.

I think my hair should be slightly lighter (it’s deeeeeppppp dark brown.)

I want a little volume, but anytime someone styles my hair with any sort of lift I think I look like Annette Funicello in Beach Blanket Bingo and I scream.

I want my hair to have a little bit of style, but not look overly done.

I’m willing to put in zero effort.  Like literally almost no effort at all.

I want it long enough to pull back into my running ponytail.

In the end, we went with a trim and a few super long layers, and then some highlights around the top.  Now I have streaks of orange all over my head.  I have stripes the color of a fing basketball.  Call me Spalding.  I am hideous.  My hair is the color of Snooki’s.  

So I’m going back tomorrow morning to have them darkened back up again (poor girl!  Can she fire me as a client?).

Oh, and my husband is on a guys’ weekend trip…nine guys in one RV, one night in Lake Charles, LA, and two nights in Baton Rouge.  I’m thinking I should set up a hazmat disinfecting tent, a la E.T., for when he returns.

Happy Weekend!

What I’m running to: Takin’ It To the Streets by the Doobie Brothers.





11 thoughts on “I Ain’t Blind and I Don’t Like What I Think I See…

  1. Haha!! Love the Eyes of Honesty!!! I usually make my kids walk a similar sick line – no fever, no vomit = no sick bed, get dressed! You’re making me laugh on a sad day – thx!!!!


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