Thoughts on Cross Training: the Cybex Arc Trainer

Thanks for the good wishes for my sister TiffeeG, readers!  I am happy to report that she made it through the ablation with no hiccups.  The doctor only did one side (she will have the other side done next week.)  I took my divine pumpkin bread and my booze tree over and stayed with her and my nephew Friday night, because my brother-in-law had to take my niece out of town to a basketball tournament.  We watched an old classic…Better Off Dead!

Luckily, she is a proud member of Team Vicodin and also can take a nip from the booze tree as needed…



I had a great 5-mile run in beautiful weather on Saturday, though I left Oscar the running coach at home.  I have a little soreness in my back and tightness in my left calf that I blame on him (I think he forces me to heel strike and brace myself a bit because of the force of him pulling on me.)  I think I will adjust over time, but I decided to take it easy and just be able to zone out a bit (something I can’t do with him, since I have to be on squirrel/bird/rabbit alert!)

Yesterday I went to the gym with HH and mixed up a little strength training with 20 minutes on a Cybex Arc Trainer.  I loved that thing!  I have to admit that since moving back from Switzerland over a year ago, I haven’t been able to find my cross training niche.  I did CrossFit for about two years there, which I loved, but which I was ready to be done with.  I ramped up my running with marathon training after moving here, and I let cross training slide (I’m not saying it was smart, just that it’s what I did.)

I would really like to bring strength training and some sort of cardio cross training back into my workout mix, because I know it will help with weight creep (I can’t expect to do nothing but run and keep weight off, and I know it) and also with my running.

I’ve just struggled with finding what I want to do.  I have issues with gyms (the main issue being that I get bored in them and want to be outside) and I hate bikes/ellipticals.  The elliptical in particular makes me want to puke.  I hate it. 

Did I mention that I hate it? 🙂

So I was surprised at how much I loved the Arc Trainer.  The motion is zero impact, but so similar to running and not annoying like the elliptical.  And as a bonus, this morning I felt soreness in my legs (the right kind!), so I know it was a little bit of variety.

I want to come up with a program for the next few months involving running 5 days a week, 1 day a week on the Arc Trainer, and at least two days of strength training and yoga (I’ve never done yoga, but want to start working on flexibility.)  I’ll keep you posted…it sounds like too much of a time commitment when I write it down like that.  Hmmm….

Hope your weekend was awesome!


18 thoughts on “Thoughts on Cross Training: the Cybex Arc Trainer

    • I have plantar fasciitis, and the elliptical bothers my feet, I think because I stretch my arch when I use it because of the stepping motion. My feet stayed flat on the arc trainer, so I didn’t feel any pain this morning.


  1. I gave up my gym membership 3 years ago and have never looked back. Although I did cave and buy a rower for home. I have a date with it twice a week.
    Great to hear your sis is doing well! Kinda hard not to be with the booze tree hanging out in your living room!


  2. I am a firm believer in cross training. It’s important to work different muscles that aren’t as heavily used in running. I really believe in yoga for runners. I also strength train, but since you don’t seem to like it, yoga is a good replacement. What about swimming, biking?


    • I actually do like strength training, I just got where the CrossFit-type lifting wasn’t for me anymore, but I miss the social aspect of it. I’m hoping I can do one session a week and one yoga session a week. I just don’t want to give up any runs, because that’s what I love!


  3. I got no idea what a cyber arc trainer is or a epili, eplepti .. oh shit I don’t even know how to spell it! But I sure like the sound of a booze tree. And that rosemount, a very quaffable Aussie wine!


  4. I’ve got some choice things to say to the inventor of the elliptical, none of which are suitable for a family friendly blog…
    But I still use it for cross training because, well, I have to. But like delivering ‘bad news’ I sandwich it between two pieces of good news – 15 minutes on the bike and 15 minutes on the rowing machine.


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