NoWriNoMo and My New Running Coach

NaNoWriMo is now NoWriNoMo (No Write No More!)  I’m on my third idea, and I’m only 1,022 words in when I should be around the 5,000 word hurdle based on a words per day average.  

Deciding on a story idea and then the narrator has been exhausting.  You can only read so many articles and advice on writing before you become paralyzed.

Don’t write what’s trendy!  Don’t bring your baggage (seriously?  You’re telling a potential writer not to bring their baggage?)!  No memoirs!  Write a memoir!  Write what you know!  Outline your project first!  Just start writing!  Choose your narrator carefully (along with 15 pros and cons for each type!)  Don’t think, Meat, just throw!

(Okay, that last one was actually advice from Bull Durham, but it sums up a lot of what I’ve read.)

So I’m not thinking.  I’m just throwing.  We’ll see what hits the fan.

In other news, my handsome young men had a great Halloween.  We even got Alex to dress up one more time and take Max out–because he fell in love with the following costume (as did I.)
He said he was quite popular with the adults (“Gumby!  How retro!”)  Max loved his Grim Reaper costume as well (a nice not-too-scary/gory compromise between Mom and son), so a good time was had by all.
On to my new running coach…he’s a killer!
Basically, he runs ahead of me at a soul-crushing pace with me tethered to him.  He’s raring to go for the first few miles until he finally gets a wee bit tired.  I really think he could be the key to breaking 1:50 in my next half-marathon, because he simply won’t accept anything slower than a 9:00/mile pace.  He just isn’t having it.
It’s obvious that it’s Oscar the lovable dog and running hardass.  He is going to whip me into shape.  We are in a good routine now with our running and did almost 5 miles yesterday with no problems.  He runs ahead of me and knows to keep to the curb when cars pass, he still listens to my commands for left and right turns, even though he’s in front of me–it’s really going well, though he did make me pee my pants the other day when he lunged at a squirrel unexpectedly and almost knocked me off my feet.  That sucked bigtime.
I’m definitely learning to keep a better eye on him for cues that he’s about to jump at something…
Happy running and writing!  Back soon with a longer post on pre- and post-run stretching!

18 thoughts on “NoWriNoMo and My New Running Coach

  1. I admire you for trying the 50,000 words. I don’t think I could think of 50,000 words, let alone write them. Good luck. Also I think the running coach is great! My dog could never do that. It must be a lot of fun!!!


  2. Sounds like you are frustrated, confused and full of angst…..the perfect starting point for a great writer. But when you go up on stage to collect your Booker Prize you may want to keep the peeing your pants story quiet!!! Happy writing. Do we get to read it?


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