I am Perfect.

No, this isn’t one of those Helen Reddy I am woman/runner/supermom hear-me-roar posts.  I’m serious!  I’m perfect and normal.

My bloodwork says so.

My thyroid is a champ, including my free T4.  My cortisol sample was a little slice of heaven.  My fasting glucose level is the envy of diabetics everywhere, and old ladies who love me would breathe a sigh of relief if they saw my calcium levels.

I’m not even anemic, and I’m always anemic.

The letter with the results came with a lovely note that said, “Tell her to see a dermatologist for the hair loss issue.”  Now that’s personal care.

I’m not going to see anyone.  The hair loss remains steady right now, so I’m done with that.  As for the hypotension, she made no mention of it, so it apparently is not a big deal.  I will mention it again to my general practitioner if and when I see him again, and until then, I will just work on consuming as much salt as I can and hope that it raises my blood pressure and energy levels too.

I am moving on!

So, what’s a fit specimen like myself to do with these numbers?  I should throw a party!  I could sign copies of my results.  I feel like a champion.

Seriously, I’m grateful for good results (and my recent perfect mammogram…high fives for dense breast tissue and recent advances in 3-D mammogram technology, as well as for the tech who managed to take my A-cup boob and stretch it halfway across the room while the metal of the machine violated the side of my face.)  I am lucky to have such good numbers.

If only my running pace numbers and weekly miles looked as good as my bloodwork, right?

In other news, it’s been a busy week for this mom, which is shocking during the school year.  On Tuesday, HH and I went with our friends Erin and Dave to see Vampire Weekend, one of my FAVORITE groups.  This was a big deal—I love music and love concerts, but HH would rather skip all concerts and just stay home.  I was dragging him, basically.

Pre-concert…I was so excited!


I had a fabulous time (and HH enjoyed the chance to catch up on his social media while enjoying the fact that we were far enough back from the stage where he could do so without being rude.)  Erin and I boogied away like the cool 40-something music lovers that we are.  They sounded amazing in person, though I wish they would have engaged with the audience a little more and maybe mixed their songs up a bit since they were live.  I fell in love with their songs all over again and went on a running binge with them the next day.

My favorite VW running songs:  Diane Young, A-Punk, Walcott (the show closer), Oxford Comma, Cousins, Finger Back, Unbelievers, Run, Giving up the Gun, AND a 9-minute remix of Giving up the Gun that got me through many a marathon training run last winter.

Last night, the whole family went to see Wicked on its second night here in town.  I have fond memories of my mom and dad taking my sister and I to see A Chorus Line as very young girls.  I remember my parents getting some strange looks from people–the nerve of people to take young girls to see that show!  I felt cool and mature, and seriously?  What was the big deal?  So they sing “Tits and Ass?”  Young girls get the message early on anyway–hell, I watched Three’s Company and knew the skinny!  The songs were amazing…the melodies were incredible…and I wanted to be a dancer.  I could still sing all those songs today with TiffeeG.  Hey sis–wanna sing The Music and the Mirror with me?

Anyhoo, I digress.  My point was that I love taking my boys to see shows and making those family memories.  We saw The Lion King in London, and it was magical.  I was very excited to see Wicked, though I read the book and hated it (I knew that the musical was much different.)

Can I say that I thought the first part dragged a bit?  I guess I just did.  The performances were amazing…I just thought the melodies were a little boring.  Not one song stuck with me.  The second half was much better, though, and I enjoyed it very much overall.  “For Good” is an excellent song.


I’m off to today to visit my parents in Oklahoma with my boys while HH toils away at his desk.  Though my half-marathon training is completely derailed, I’m hoping to get back in time on Sunday to squeeze in a long run of some kind.  I hope you have a fabulous weekend…happy running!


20 thoughts on “I am Perfect.

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who wasn’t that excited about Wicked. I saw it in
    London last week and it was meh. The woman who played the wicked witch had a terrific voice, but I too didn’t think the music was all that memorable.

    And ugh, thanks for the reminder that I’m due a mammogram.


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