Have you ever lost a post on WordPress?  It just happened to me, and I am so mad because it’s the post where I acknowledge the blogging awards I’ve recently been given by other bloggers, complete with a long hyperlinked list of the blogs that I love (hyperlinking those twenty blogs took time, ya know!).


Now you get the quickie (saved every five seconds) version, and like Teddy KGB in Rounders, you might be left feeling so unsatisfied.

Let’s hit some highlights.  Bloggers are kind.  They share the love.  They nominate other bloggers for cute awards, and the rules usually stipulate that the blogger nominates other blogs, thus passing the attention torch for others to wield.

Feel the power, people!

I’ve held on to my award torches too long, and though I appreciated the acknowledgment of my humble little blog so much, I didn’t follow through and mention the other blogs that are OUTSTANDING and that I adore.  This is crappy of me.  Not the worst thing I’ve done in my life, but enough to make me hate myself for one brief shining moment.

This old pic captures the feeling I had when I swallowed a fast-food salt packet before a long run last spring, but it also works here to convey shame, I think…and as proof that I don’t Botox…


 I’ve received an award of some type from the following bloggers, including the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers’ Award last week from Running to Her Dreams.  Check her out…she has an amazing unique voice and takes the most beautiful pics.


I’ve also been nominated for the Shine Award a few times, once by Paul Smuts (thank you, Paul!).  Paul lives in Cape Town, South Africa.  I love his new blog, and I think you might too.

Two other dear runner friends have nominated me for blogging awards:  Welcome to the Nuthouse and 278 to Boston.  These two bloggers are dear to my heart, as I’ve been following them since I first started blogging last winter, and both have been loyal blogosphere friends to me.  You will love their blogs!

I am supposed to nominate 10-12 ladies’ blogs for the Sisterhood award, and the others don’t specify gender.  My lost post had the women lined up separately from the men, kind of like getting ready for a Snowball skate at the roller rink, but now I’m just throwing them together in a tech hissyfit.  Here goes….I love all of these blogs and the unique attitude of each blogger.  I am giving them all the MaybeMarathoner Blogging Award–we’ll call it the MMBA!


Best Race Signs, Jogging Jeans and Best Race Costumes

Early to Rise Runner

Endorphins Junkie

Gaining Pace

I Thought They Said Rum

I’m Going Slightly Mad

The Jogging Dad

Jane Likes to Run

My Running Shorts

The Dancing Runner

Chocolate Covered Race Medals

Finally, as part of some of the awards, I am supposed to list some random facts about myself.  Enjoy…

  • If HH wasn’t in my life, I would be that cray cray lady with 5-6 dogs.  All would sleep in my bed.  All would wear matching bandannas.
  • I’m allergic to housekeeping and social conservatism.
  • I’m a leftie.
  • My idea of hell is showing up and having the Lord show me how my boys would have turned out with a better mother.  What if they were meant to be piano-playing prodigies, but I denied them?  What if they were meant to to to Harvard and change the world, but I fried their brain on the Wiggles?
  • I can make a mean margarita, simply because I always put a Grand Marnier floater on top.  Life is too short to skip the floater.  I don’t care what you do with the salt.
  • I am a fairly big-time liberal and am currently constructing voodoo dolls of all House Republicans.
  • I have a strange habit of combining words.  I think my mouth gets ahead of my brain, and my brain is trying to choose between two words, and then it just combines them.  So for instance, my son sneezed a huge juicy sneeze a couple of months ago, and I yelled out, “Blew!”–a combination of bless you and ew.  Now we all say it.
  • I will pick up on any sexual innuendo, no matter how slight or childish and no matter what the situation, and I will giggle uncontrollably.  The two years I spent doing CrossFit were almost unbearable, with all the snatches, jerks, thrusters, and clean and jerks.  I am that immature, and I will still be doing it in the nursing home someday.
  • I know every single word to every Barry Manilow song EVER, and I’m not afraid to share my love with others.  My sister TiffeeG is even worse.

I hope you will check out some of these blogs and discover some new amazing runners.  Thanks for reading!


24 thoughts on “Awards!

  1. Haha. This is awesome. I have gone and followed all these new blogs and look forward to wasting away hours of my life drinking coffee and water reading about other people’s lives. 🙂 I also seriously enjoyed your random facts. Eccentric=Fantastic. I have an immature sense of humor often. I tell people I have an ugly snatch and that my thruster looks damn good. My humor carries over to my last name… it is Ball thanks to my husband, and the greatest moment we have had is when my CrossFit coach said “You guy need to really push it. Balls to the wall” so Paul and I went over to the wall and hiked up our legs and got “on” the wall. I think you may enjoy that story. We also like to put “the balls” or “your balls” on the return part of the envelope 🙂


  2. I am also giving giving you the 2nd Funniest Woman Alive Award. You didn’t get 1st because that belongs to Mindy Kaling. Sorry it was a close race. Hilarious post, I was cracking up! Perfect description of you Pook!

    Just write a book already so we can add Author to your resume.

    Smooch smooch!


  3. I’m sort of glad you lost the long version of this post. Quickies are better sometimes – leaves room for watching football afterwards! Btw, your posts never leave me feeling unsatisfied. Also, …. Have I gone too far yet?

    Thanks for the award, madam, much appreciated!


  4. Awesome, thanks! I love that you made up an award. I have also been quite the loser and not following through on nominating or at least acknowledging other blogs. It is definitely very lame on my part. I loved your facts about yourself! One of my friends does kettlebell, and she told me all about “snatches” and how her dude instructor can someone say “snatch” with a straight face. I would probably pee my pants in that class.


  5. OMG! I loved the post, but then reading all the comments just made it even better!!
    Sorry I’m late to the party, but that’s me all over. Thanks for the incredible shout out, feeling proud as a peacock over here…
    you’re welcome 🙂


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