Training Update, My Fall Running Playlist, and Reevaluating My Last 10k

Happy Monday, everyone!  I hope you’re having glorious fall weather.  Here in the Midwest, we had an amazing weekend–sunny skies, temperatures in the mid-60s to 70s, and a light breeze. 

It was perfect running weather.  FINALLY!  I have struggled so much with the heat and my running these past few months (mostly because I am too lazy to get my ass up and run early like the smart people do.)  Also, between my recent illness, some health stuff that I seem to have going on, and general life circumstances, my half-marathon training has been a joke.

Normally, I am the runner who is religious about training.  My training runs are my security blanket, and I don’t like to show up to a race having missed any or having any reason to feel that I’ve not given my all to prepare for a race.  It helps me live with the disappointment that invariably follows when I see my finish time :-).

Yet, this time around, I’ve missed or shorted several weekday runs.  I’ve been sick.  I’ve been tired.  I’ve been hot (my God, the heat!)  I’ve been mentally all over the place.  I’ve not been myself.

A sampling of thoughts that have sprung into my head during recent training runs–

  • F*&$ this!
  • I should take up competitive knitting. 
  • F*&$ing ignorant drivers!
  • S*%$!  My feet hurt!
  • S*%$!  My entire right leg hurts!
  • Why am I out here?  I suck at this!
  • Ten years?  Ten years I’ve been doing this, and I’m tired at Mile Two?  F*&$ this!
  • I’m never racing again.  F*&$ this!
  • I’m hungry.  Would it be bad if I quit?
  • F*&$!  Why is he/she/that dog faster than I am?
  • Am I moving in slow motion?  It feels like I’m running in slow motion?.
  • If this run doesn’t end soon, I’m going to lose the will to live.
  • Is that a hill?  F*&$!  That’s a hill!
  • I hate myself.

Yes, I’ve been a beacon of classy positive energy these past two months or so.  I’m hoping that my visit to the endocrinologist tomorrow will start me on a path to:

A) stopping my recent hair loss

B) helping with my fatigue (I am seriously tired lately.  Like exhausted for no reason tired.)

C) better running.

Until then, though, I am pressing on with my training as best I can.  This past weekend called for a 9-mile training run.  Now, just a few months ago, 9 miles would have been a cakewalk, but not at this time.  I was nervous about the run, because my 7–miler was cut to 5.3 during a disastrous summer heat wave, my 8-miler wasn’t exactly a shining moment in my personal running history, and I should have run another 9-miler a few weeks ago that turned into a very ill 4.7-miler on a week with virtually no running.

Yuck.  I wasn’t exactly psyched about my chances of having a good run, much less finishing.

The first 3-4 miles were mentally painful.  I thought about quitting and scrapping the half marathon.  The thought of just taking a week or so off to physically heal and mentally recalibrate was tantalizing.  I was thiiiiiissssss close…but I pressed on.

Finally, I hit that happy zone around the end of Mile 4, and it saw me through.  By Mile 6-7, I was cruising.  It was like rediscovering an old friend.

I’ve never needed it more.

I am reinvigorated, and though I know my upcoming race is going to be far from my best, I will be there, happy to show up to the starting line (as long as my peculiar leg issues don’t get worse.)

Every run is a gift.

Also, I downloaded the photos from my recent 10k, and one caught my eye.  It was taken around Mile 3, I think…



It makes me laugh, because I look so unhappy in a way, but yet I find it inspiring.  I was running my ass off at that point.  The look on my face is one of total determination.

Maybe I was being too hard on myself about that race.  Maybe I deserve a pass and should give myself a break.

Finally, like so many others, I love fall.  Fall is pumpkin candles, football, the return to red wine, and for me, heavy doses of jazz in my music rotation.  Here are my favorite mellow songs to run to in the fall…obviously best for long, slow runs!  I hope you find some that you like…but I warn you, I never put them all on one playlist without any peppier tunes mixed in; otherwise, I would end up sprawled out on someone’s lawn staring at falling leaves and calling out for a glass of Pinot Noir and a decent cheese board.

All in moderation, right? 



Here’s to fall running, the joys of red wine and cutting ourselves some slack!


16 thoughts on “Training Update, My Fall Running Playlist, and Reevaluating My Last 10k

  1. (1) Thanks for the laugh with all of your f bombs. I’ve said a lot of the same things this past summer while trying to run in hell.
    (2) I can’t remember if you have said it before when you blogged about your fatigue and hair loss – have they checked your thyroid? I have a hypothyroid and have to take synthroid. My slower than molasses thyroid caused hair loss and fatigue.
    (3) I’m a huge jazz fan. But I think if I were to listen to it while running, I would be sitting in someone’s front lawn asking for a glass of cab and a cheeseboard.
    (4) Wishing you the best of luck with your doctor’s appointment and hoping you get some answers and solutions!


    • Thanks! I am definitely hoping it’s a thyroid issue or at least something easily remedied. Until then, you might find me with that wine and cheese board on any given day…and I do love a good Cab as well! And Syrah, and Barbera, and Barolo, and Barbaresco, and….well, almost any red!


  2. That picture is awesome! You look so hardcore. Glad you had a great training run to get your spirits up. Sometimes that’s all it takes to end the internal monologue of expletives (which believe me I am so familiar with).


  3. Get out of my head!!
    I swear, I have had every one of those thoughts 🙂
    I love how everyone else in the photo is looking at or for the photographer and you are like “Screw competitive knitting! I’m a bada$$ Runner!”


  4. You writing style really makes me laugh! You add a ton of humor to a sometimes boring sport. I read so many posts about how much people just LOVE running and sometimes I feel like the only person who has a bizarre love / hate dichotomy. Your sense of humor is very much appreciated! Best wishes on your race.


    • I appreciate that…thank you! I do have a love/hate relationship with running, typically based on my energy level and how fast I can crank out a mile. I appreciate the good wishes. Thanks for reading!


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