I Took a Pill and I Liked It!*

*Alternate titles:  

  • Heaven, Thy Name is Macrobid
  • Yippee for Pain-Free Pee

Hopefully you’re singing Katy Perry now…

No more setting fire to the rain, people!  My good doctor required no shaking of the lapels before prescribing an antibiotic.  He didn’t even test my urine…perhaps he just saw the look of desperation in my eyes.  He gave me Macrobid and said that it should help quickly, and it did.

Now I feel like this, only with Number 1 instead of Number 2…

Oh God, now I’m laughing and can’t stop…which might make me have to go pee, which is fine by me because it doesn’t hurt anymore!

That rhymes…need to go pee, fine by me!  Okay, maybe this antibiotic is making me silly.  I’ll try to pull myself together.

One way to get serious?  To vent about my hair loss and recent weight gain.  The doctor and I had a lovely consultation, and I mentioned to him that I have gained between 15-20 pounds since moving back to ‘Murica a year ago.  I’ve attributed it to many things…U.S. food and portion sizes, stopping CrossFit and thus losing a lot of muscle, focusing solely on running (and distance running to boot, with little speedwork) instead of mixing up my cardio (running slow distances and training your body to do so more effectively is a big ol’ prescription for weight gain, imho, not weight loss, but I don’t do it for weight management, I do it because I love it!), and turning 40. 

Still, it seems like a lot to me.  Maybe not.  Who knows?  He said that I was still at a decent weight and that I looked great to him, but that the number change was a little disconcerting given my level of physical activity.  Before the weight gain, I was at a pretty fit weight, so I think it isn’t overwhelmingly obvious, but it’s definitely there.  I’m  a chubby pear shape lately.

Further, I’ve developed a bald spot on my left temple.  I disregarded it the first 5-10 times I noticed it, thinking it was just the way I’d combed my ponytail, but eventually I realized that it really was there and not just a poor comb job.  The doctor said there’s a definite patch of hair loss that might be spreading.


Given those issues (and a few other tmi quirks that I shall not mention here), he wants me to have a full workup with an endocrinologist.  He sent me upstairs to the endocrinology practice to book a consult.  Ooh, lucky me…they’re booked up until the end of October.

Maybe that receptionist didn’t realize that I could be bald and 200 pounds by then.  Perhaps she didn’t know that my urethra was burning a hole through my pelvic region.  I wanted so badly to beg, but I knew it wouldn’t help and that there are people waiting for a consultation with problems FAR worse than a slight bald patch and a slowly expanding muffin top.  My vanity issues can wait.

So I run.  I’m headed out soon for a 4-6 miler, depending on my stamina and my urethra.  I’m really looking forward to it after two days off.  Next week is the beginning of official training for my next half-marathon, and I just found an upcoming 10k that I think I’ll sign up for too.  I might run a 5k or two in August as well…trying to decide.  

Happy running and TGIF, readers!  Here’s to keeping your hair on your head and your urethra in the clear!  And to those who gave tips in their comments, thank you very much…


14 thoughts on “I Took a Pill and I Liked It!*

  1. I was put on a prescription for hypothyroidism a little less than a year ago. Sounds very much like your symptoms – of course I am no doctor. I was diagnosed before I started to experience any weight gain. But since I have been on the stuff I definitely shed noticeably less hair, have a lot more energy, and less anxiety issues. I hope your appointment helps you find some answers. Good luck!


  2. Add me to the thyroid club…mine went wacky between having the two kids…had lost all my baby weight except 10 pounds, then gained another 10 – BOO!!!! But pain free pee – YAY!!!! And thx for the tune going thru my head 🙂


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