Thoughts on an Anniversary

Holy cow…it’s my 19th wedding anniversary.  It doesn’t seem possible.

Look how young we are…I had just turned 21.  Married him straight out of college…yikes!


Babies, I tell ya.  Infants.

We got married, went on our honeymoon, and then immediately moved to Houston.  We settled into a 500-sq. ft. apartment with furniture from my recently deceased step-grandfather.  My mom cried (privately) when she saw it.  We thought it was great!  He started law school, I started graduate school, and we were POOR.

Man, those were happy days.

We had to grow up quickly and figure the whole marriage thing out, because school was stressful.  Looking back, we had a lot on our plates, but we also had that raging inflated sense of self-confidence that we all have in our 20s, and that helped alleviate the stress somewhat.

We dug in our heels.  We were by ourselves, and that was the best thing for our beginning marriage.  Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, and no time to not be there for each other.  We were all we had!

I think that one of the traits that drew him to me was that I loved to laugh.  I was so serious, though, so driven…determined to ensure my future and shape my own destiny as a child of divorce (does that make sense to anyone?).  He made me laugh every single day and still does.  I’ve never met anyone funnier, and he has always brought out my less serious side.

He’s never tried to change me, even though I know in his heart he wished I would just put a little effort into keeping the house clean and maybe not be such a liberal.  He truly accepts me as I am, which sounds cliché but is truly the greatest gift a spouse can give.  I don’t have to work to be the person that he loves, and that frees me to love life and be myself.

He inspired me to start exercising, and that started my path in my 30s toward running.  Running has brought me such peace and happiness, and I have him to thank.

He’s brought the boys to cheer me on in every half-marathon I’ve run and flew back from trial for 24 hours on no sleep just to support me when I ran my marathon.  The experience of being parents together and raising these two amazing children is the greatest joy of my life.

He caved and let me adopt a second dog, and he doesn’t like dogs!


When I feel fat, ugly, etc., he always offers to show me how much he loves me (what a giver, right?)  Seriously, though, he loves me in a dress but accepts me in my sweatshirt and flannel Old Navy pants with the Santas on them.  Less makeup is better, and he doesn’t care if I fix my hair.  He’s seen my body pre-baby and post-baby (dear Lord, where did my chest go?), and he still tells me I’m pretty.

He’s a good liar, that one.

I hope I’ve given him half the happiness he’s given me.  I’m lucky to be a part of his life.  Happy Anniversary to HH!


12 thoughts on “Thoughts on an Anniversary

  1. I love it when someone captures in words something I feel but have not been able to express. You have done that in this post: “He truly accepts me as I am, which sounds cliché but is truly the greatest gift a spouse can give. I don’t have to work to be the person that he loves, and that frees me to love life and be myself” I am lucky enough to be married to someone who is the same. I am more than luckly than I know and not half grateful enough. It sounds like you have had a wonderful 19 years. Congratulations and here is to the next 19 and more. Happy anniversary and thank you for the words!


  2. Happy Anniversary sister!! Great post, how do you always manage to find the perfect words? Such a gift I tell you! Truly the most beautiful bride ever!!!!

    Love you!


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