Odds and Ends (Mostly Odds)

Greetings!  I feel like I haven’t posted in forever…almost a week!  Here is a hodgepodge of what’s been going on here…


My Swiss bestie Pam is in for the summer, and she deigned to leave that hotspot Wichita, KS, for a quick weekend visit.  We talked, I hugged her a lot, we sipped wine and we shopped.

I met Pam shortly after moving to Geneva in 2009.  We met on the street after walking our kids to the first day of international school (which was luckily in our neighborhood.)  I found out that she was American, which in Switzerland confers instant friend status, but once I found out that she lived directly behind me, had arrived on the same day AND also was from the Midwest, I made her my new favorite person and IKEA shopping  (not to mention wine drinking) partner.  We’re talking friendship beads on our shoes and everything.

Fun facts:  Pam is gorgeous, makes incredible cupcakes, will stay at your house until 3am cleaning wineglasses because you are leaving on the 7am train to Paris, and will run a half-marathon with you, but will NOT touch raw meat without gloves on…

ImageHer visit coincided with our one-year repatriation anniversary.  I could go on and on about what it’s like being a repatriate, but I’ll save it for another post.  Your time is valuable!

Target Acquired

I’ve got my weekly mileage back up around 18 miles.  Everything feels great, though my right leg always seems to feel a little jammed up where my thigh runs into my ass/groin/hip.  So for the first 2-3 minutes of every run, I feel like I look a little funny because I’m adjusting for the pain until things loosen up.  I think that I look awkward, then I remember that I’m a vicious overpronator even on my best day, so why worry?

With this as my normal running look, I can’t worry about looking bad…



I’m going to sign up for the Waddell and Reed half marathon on October 19th here in KC.  It’s time to race again.  After waffling back and forth, I’ve decided to follow Hal Higdon’s Intermediate plan (instead of the Advanced.)  I think it starts in the next week or two.  I’m excited to get back to training…I love the religion of following a program closely and the accountability aspect of it.  I hope that I can speed up a little, since my fast-twitch muscle fibers seem to have gone the way of my waistline in the past year (off to some distant land.)  I will boldly set a time goal sometime in the next few weeks and announce it on this blog to try and hold myself to it for training paces and whatnot.

Oh by Golly, I’m Hot Today

Golf…my new obsession!  I had my second lesson with Dave (my golf BFF…GBFF?) on Tuesday night.  He is a man that I love, because he is telling me that I am awesome even though I am not.  We worked on hitting the driver for most of the lesson, and I’ll be damned if I wasn’t hitting the snot out of that thing.  I told him that I wanted to hit the shit out of the ball, so we worked on not just taking a swing but really using my body the right way to drive power through the ball.  He told me that I would swing and miss some since I was trying to be aggressive and that that was okay.  It just feels so embarrassing, even though no one is looking!  I got the hang of it though, and it was beyond fun.  I was hitting it straight and was able to hit some draws (new lingo to me), which he said is a powerful shot.

Golf, where have you been all my life?

We also worked on irons, and GBFF said that I was proceeding beyond all expectations and that we could head out on the course for our next lesson so he could teach me more about different shots, rough, etc..  Bring it on!  

Am I good?  No.  I suck.  But I’m doing good for a beginner with just two lessons.

I was aglow after my lesson…


We played nine holes that same night as a family, and I had two actual bogeys!  I would have even had a par on one Par 3 hole if I’d had any clue how to putt.  I hit a few nice drives right down the middle of the fairways!  HH begrudgingly is allowing me a few more lessons, though he’s mumbling something about never having had a lesson and some nonsense about a money tree in the backyard.  I wasn’t really listening…just basking in the feeling of driving the cart right up the middle to look for my ball.  And BTW, it’s much easier for this blind bat to find her ball when it’s not in the deep rough.  Pearls of wisdom, right?  That’s me.

Dogs are Disgusting

This beast has discovered that drinking out of the toilet is fun and accessible.  I’m horrified.  He is feeling very ashamed here.

Mommy, please don’t take me to the shelter!  I promise to be good!







3 thoughts on “Odds and Ends (Mostly Odds)

  1. So glad you got to have some time with sweet Pam! What a beautiful pic of both of you darlings:) Frame that one sister! This Dave sounds like a sweet fellow, he knows a natural golfer when he sees one!

    Drinking out of the toilet is seriously gross. Ewww.


  2. Re your running photo, isn’t it demoralising when you’re busting your ass trying to run as fast as possible and, right next to you, 2 smart-ass kids whistling dixie and enjoying a walk are non-chalantly strolling past you? 🙂


    • Ha! Those were my boys running along in the last mile trying to encourage me. What was really demoralizing was the white-headed guy in the Hanes t-shirt ahead of me. His name is Neil, and I’ve talked about him in previous posts. Very upsetting!


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