Seven Miles, One Song, and a New Obsession?

On Friday, HH and I took the boys to see Man of Steel.

Dear God I am in love with Henry Cavill and the movie in general.  Run your little tushie to the theater and see the movie pronto.  And though no one’s more handsome in my mind than HH, Henry Cavill just made it onto my accepted list of hottie crushes (the list is now two people…him and Daniel Craig.  HH keeps his list to himself, but I’m guessing it involves lots of chicks from that SI Hot Mustard page and that big-breasted Kate Upton who can’t seem to keep her assets covered.)

Blog readers know that I love a good movie score (see my discussion of running to movie music here), and this movie has a gem.  If you enjoy this kind of music like I do, then after you run your little tushie to the theater you will run your little tushie right back home and download “What Are You Going to do When You Are Not Saving the World?” by Hans Zimmer (Flight is another good one off the soundtrack.)

The song is over 5 minutes long, and I have run my last 7 miles with it on repeat.  It is amazing.  You can hear some of it in this trailer (I tried to find the full song on YouTube but kept getting nation-blocked.  Un-American jerks.)


I ran to my nephew’s basketball game on Sunday listening to it, then ran back home listening to it again.  I’ve been listening to it in the car.  I listened to it on my hot sweaty run yesterday.  I’m headed to the gym this afternoon to lift some puny weights and will listen to it again.

Get the song, people, and see the movie!

On to a possible new obsession:  golf.  The family has decided to join our neighborhood country club.  I anticipate this being the source of many jokes in my near future and will be sure to share them with you as they develop.  Unless someone comes out of the woodwork and blackballs us in the next few days, we will write a check and become proud members by this weekend.

What does this mean?  Well, in my mind it means that I need to play a lot of golf to justify the expense.  The only problem is that I haven’t swung a club in 18 years and stunk it up when I tried to play in my twenties.  After nearly clipping off a few people’s ankles at a Houston driving range back in 1995 and biting HH’s head off for merely offering a few tips while laughing at me, this newly married MaybeMarathoner hung her leftie clubs up and decided that golf was not in the cards if I intended to stay married.

But now I have a membership to justify, so I dug out the golf bag and went with HH and the boys to the driving range on Sunday afternoon.

Hot damn–I actually hit the ball somewhat straight, and more importantly, I loved every second of it!  Sure, there were some bad shots, but I had some good drives and had a great time.  I want to go again as soon as possible.  I think my marriage might survive as well…bonus!

I am off to the gym!  Hope you’re having a great day…


5 thoughts on “Seven Miles, One Song, and a New Obsession?

  1. Sounds like another visit to the Itunes Store is in order for me! Congrats on your membership, can’t wait for my invite!!! If I ever get out of a gym I will check this movie out, I am intrigued!

    Love you PP! Keep running:)


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