So I Creep…

Though I love to gripe about cold weather running, the fact is I much prefer it to running in the heat.  We’ve hit our first good round of 90+ temperatures here in the Midwest, and my bitch meter is on high.

I’m not one of those pretty runners to begin with—I’m all sloppy form, overpronating feet turning inward, sweat pouring and nasty grimacing when I run.  Add heat and humidity, and it all goes to shit.

I can live with that, but I hate how the heat slows me down and turns a medium effort into the feeling that I am sprinting to the finish line of a 400-meter dash.

I almost died tonight running a 4.5-miler at 5:30, and it was only at about a 9:40 average pace.  I felt almost foolish for attempting it, but I was trying on a pair of capris that I’ve had for seven years, and they didn’t fit.  Sneaky weight gain is a real pain, ya know?  I hustled my fat thighs right out the door.  I felt much better about my own overheated state when I saw several other runners out suffering like I was.  Misery loves company, and all that…

In all my ugly postrun glory…but I took this pic for my Swiss bestie Pam, who sent me this 26.2 tank way back in the winter when I was training!  Note the Tostitos in the background.  I may be off here, but I suspect they might be linked to my recent weight gain 🙂



The one good thing about the heat is that it slows down Oscar…look at those legs in this next pic.  He is a running machine and an ill-behaved boy.  I didn’t take him on today’s run because it was too warm, but he made yesterday’s 3.5er and slowed down significantly once he got hot.  Thank God.


I am happy to say that we are leaving the high temps tomorrow morning and heading on vacation.  Adios!  We are taking off to Boston for 4 days and Cape Cod for three.  I hope to share lots of great pics on my return, I’ve packed my running gear and I am looking forward to some beautiful runs while there.

Current fave running songs:  Goody Two Shoes by Adam Ant.  Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa by Vampire Weekend (you know, ‘cuz I’m heading to Cape Cod!)

Happy running!  Hope it’s nice and cool where you are…thanks as always for reading!


9 thoughts on “So I Creep…

  1. Sweet tank I love it!! Pam rocks!! You are going to have some beautiful, cool runs in Boston can’t wait to hear about them!! Hope you have a great time sister! Great post, thanks for the laugh this morning!

    Love u!


  2. I hear you! It was already 80 this morning when I finally made it out the door at 7 am.
    Seriously? How early am I going to have to run?
    “Good night kids, it’s 6 pm and Mommy has to get up at 4 am to run”

    yes, I need 10 hours of sleep. don’t judge. 😉


  3. I often get back from my runs here in England soaking wet – different type of weather challenge! Glad to hear of someone else still rocking out to “Antmusic”. I’m a fan.


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