My Summer of Fitness Begins…Now!

Greetings readers!  I’ve been a total sloth lately, thus no running posts.  I took a week off from running and hardly felt like myself.  I have a few sorry excuses…

  1. I’m not training, and it’s summer.  Yes, though I love to run, my laziness streak is formidable, and without a specific plan, I tend to get easily distracted when the kids are out of school.
  2. HH and I went with TiffeeG to Las Vegas for her birthday.  Her HH was nice enough to stay with their kids, while my in-laws took ours.  The three of us yukked it up for a quick few days.  We definitely think the Remicade is having some good results for TiffeeG, and her joints LOVED the dry heat of LV!

Last time I went to Vegas, I ran a sub-2 half marathon for training.  This time, I did a lot of sitting on my ass soaking up sunshine and unlucky cards (as an example, in one poker tournament, I had pocket JJs, raised up the big blind and got called, saw a flop with three low cards and went all in to shut down the straight draw only to have some loser call me with ALow and draw out to the straight.  It’s the kind of crap that happens all the time, but it’s still a pisser!)

SPF 45, Mom, promise!

ImagePoor HH had to do a lot of shepherding us two toolboxes around while we made jokes about me getting a “T” tattooed on my ankle, TiffeeG getting an “A” tattooed on hers, and then standing together to make “T & A”!  Funny, no?  No?  Exactly…that’s what he put up with.Image

It’s been a shame to not run, because the day before heading to Vegas, I had my first good outing since the marathon.  I only did about 3 miles with HH, but everything felt really good and normal again.  Finally!  I could have run harder, I could have run faster, and I felt great after the run…a great reminder of why I love it so!

(HH thought it was miserable and still will never understand why some people love running.  It wouldn’t be the first thing about me he doesn’t understand!)

I had a great 4.5-miler on Saturday at about a 9:20 pace and another 3-miler yesterday at about the same speed.  I feel like I could run again today easily, but I think I should probably rest, so I’m holding myself back.  Tomorrow it is…

I think I will sign up next for the Kansas City half-marathon in the fall.  That way, I can work this summer on building back up my base mileage, incorporating some speedwork and tempo runs into my training and getting my ass back into a regular strength training routine.  Sounds like a plan to me!

Current running tunes:  Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke and Diane Young and Finger Back by Vampire Weekend (their new album is amazeballs!)  Hope your summer running is in high gear!!!!!  Any races on your agenda?


10 thoughts on “My Summer of Fitness Begins…Now!

  1. I love that Blurred Lines song! I have to dance every time I hear it, because I love it and because it horrifies my daughter. 🙂
    Glad your run went well! I’m looking at a half in September. I haven’t signed up yet, but I think I need a goal to get myself to run in the summer heat. It’s too easy to stay indoors.


  2. Oh dear I hate typos! FAVORITE!! I must add Blurred Lines is the best song ever!! Keep running friends!!!!! This is also a good time for me to plug “The Mindy Project!” If you aren’t watching this show then your life is not complete!!!! PP I am talking to you! Thank me later:)


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