Life Outside Running

I haven’t felt qualified to write any running posts lately.  Maybe it’s a post-marathon funk.  I’ve been barely running in order to give my leg a good rest, and I’ve already kissed my plan to run the Hospital Hill Half Marathon on June 1st goodbye.  It’s been depressing.  How quickly I can change my mindset from feeling like a runner to feeling like a pretender!

Speed has left me, as has my solid base mileage.  I’ve run just enough to not lose my running fitness entirely…around 2-3 times a week, around 3-4 miles each time.  Slow.  Painfully slow.  Like I should wear a disguise slow.

Still, the past few weeks and the post-marathon time in general have been a gift in some ways.  Transitioning back to a non-marathon-obsessive state has its perks.  I’ve told myself not to worry about it—to look at it as an opportunity to refocus on activities outside running.  i am blessed with a full and beautiful life, and I have much to be thankful for, even if my running is going down the tubes.

My family…


Somebody had a birthday!ImageOur youngest dressed up as his favorite hero, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and performed a 30-second speech detailing his accomplishments…

ImageLike all of us, he has been enjoying the nice weather outside…it will soon turn blazing hot here in the Midwest, so better get out there while we can!


Stella is in her third week of basic obedience classes, and Oscar just started advanced obedience in the park.

Stella checks out the competition…she knows she’s cuter and tries to get by on her looks.ImageIt’s been a great time to relax and regroup before school is out and summer hits…

ImageMy mom and I took TiffeeG to lunch yesterday for her birthday….Pretty Lady!

ImageThere’s been a lot going on.  I’ve headed back to the gym to rediscover strength training…a long lost friend that I’ve neglected over the past six months.  Squats, free weights, weighted lunges…I need them in my life.  And ah, the feeling of not being able to sit on the toilet without reaching for a handicapped bar…how I haven’t missed you!

And finally, a breakthrough came yesterday morning on my pre-lunch run with Oscar.  For the first time since my 20-mile run all those weeks ago, my left thigh didn’t hurt when I ran.

Praise Jesus and Hallelujah!  Pain-free running is back, and so am I!





6 thoughts on “Life Outside Running

  1. So glad your run was pain free! Isn’t that an amazing feeling? My shins have been behaving for the past week and I am beyond happy.
    Keep talking about that weight training, it almost got me to hop up out of my chair and do some lunges…almost 😉


  2. Hooray for pain-free running! I, too, am back at the gym for strength training and am not running all that much these days, but it’s nice to have the freedom. I am also SOOOOO SLOOOOOW. I got super excited the other day that a 3-mile run was in the 9 min range – until I remembered that just a year ago I’d run an entire half marathon (considerably) faster than that. Ah well. It’ll come back. Right??


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