Punch a Higher Floor!

A world of never ending happiness

You can always see the sun

Day or night

The aftermath of the race was physically brutal, and it started the second I stopped running.  I could barely walk.  The pain from the PF in my left foot sent such godawful pains shooting up my heel–I was hobbled.  A volunteer undid my shoelaces to remove my timing chip, and I then had to sit down to retie my shoes.

I didn’t think I’d be able to stand.  I honestly would have used crutches, had they been available.  The heel pain and the instant tightening of my muscles (particularly my left hamstring) was so severe.  I limped forward to have my medal placed around my neck, and for a second I felt AMAZING.  The physical pain didn’t matter.  The joy was just so incredible!  Then I tried to walk over to my family and friends and felt HORRIBLE.

Everybody looked so cold.  I felt so bad for them.  I got some quick hugs and we took some photos, and Erin brought me a banana.  Then we scampered for our cars (well, others scampered and I gimped along behind.)  I was in such a hurry to leave that I forgot to pick up my finisher t-shirt.  Damn!  I wanted that shirt!

Food was the top priority.  I needed grease and salt pronto!  TiffeeG came with us to eat, and we headed right across the street for burgers and fries.  I described the race and we laughed about how bad I looked coming back down the trail at Mile 22.  As we were eating, I checked the live results website for my exact finishing time.  It had me listed as 17/19 in my age category.  I checked back a few minutes later, and it still had me at the same place.  I knew it just hadn’t updated yet, but I told HH and TiffeeG that it had better update soon or I was going to be pissed.  17/19 was NOT going to cut it!  I couldn’t live with that!

Once home, I crawled onto the couch and didn’t move for almost two hours.  I didn’t even take off my running clothes.  I just couldn’t move.  I obsessively checked the website until it finally updated my place.

Finally, I made it up the stairs (walking sideways and grimacing) to take a shower.

I can’t even express how good it felt to take off that sports bra.  My tiny chest felt like Jessica Simpson liberated from an A-cup bra.  Oh sweet release!

The rest of my body was another matter.  Suffice it to say that every part of my body that came into contact with that damn incontinence pad looked like it had been on the losing end of an battle with a sadistic Lego minifigure.


Boo.  The hydration belt left my back bruised, I had little cuts all over my lower body, my hamstring felt like it was jammed up into my shoulders and the front of my toes ached from where they had banged up against my running shoes.  I knew I needed ice all over, but what I wanted was heat, so I stayed in that hot shower for.ev.er.

And that’s a race wrap, folks!  I’ve only run three times since that day…haven’t had a great urge to, and I’ve been really trying to rest my legs and feet.  I got a sports massage the Tuesday after the race (mercy it felt good!), then ran that Thursday (hello, pain, you beyotch!), then went to New Orleans.  I ran on Tuesday this week and again yesterday.  My leg is still stiff and hurting some, but it feels like it’s healing, so I want to focus on that and not get too anxious to rush things.  It did feel good to run yesterday, though, and I enjoyed not running for a specific distance or speed.  I just did 3.6 miles and varied my pace from a 10:10 down to an 8:15.  I’m sore today from the faster speed and more tired than I think I should be, but I just need to be patient.  The healing is more important than my fear of losing the fitness.

Waiting for HH to arrive in NO to join our party…I must admit that it was a fantastic weekend!  Libations, great food, checking out art galleries, karaoke, a brief reunion with HH and the company of dear friends…heaven for this tired marathoner!



I don’t recommend Patron shots at 4:00 in the afternoon, but I am a team player…

I can’t stop laughing at my face here…notice that the other two ladies were too classy to partake…I am the dumb one.

They killed it at karaoke…then we all had a great dinner together at a fabulous steakhouse.IMG_1292

Thanks for checking in!  I will post again in a few days.  I’m trying to decide what to do next with the blog, running and racing…


5 thoughts on “Punch a Higher Floor!

  1. Thank you for taking us along on your journey. Congratulations! I am huge fan of Tiff and I think she is one of the most special chicks around. What a bond you two have. Thanks for all of the laughs, I enjoyed your blog very much!
    Deborah Ravencamp


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