Last Work It Out Wednesday: My Marathon Playlist and Race Day Fears!

Not only have I experienced a recent team-turning massage experience, but now I’ve discovered a new joy thanks to my girlfriend masseuse sports therapist—the heat wrap.

She recommended putting one on my leg before running to get the muscle loose.  This happened right about the time I was face down and she was working on my hamstrings and telling me that I looked good for 40–you know, right when I would have done anything for her.  

I picked up this bad boy at CVS yesterday and strapped it on about 30 minutes ago…



Yes, I added some text there.  Did you notice?

It’s amazing what treats you can find at your local drugstore.  🙂

Anyhoo, it’s warming up nicely.  My leg feels sore and a bit weak, but pain- and twinge-free, so I am excited to hit the rainy roads for my first run in 10 days.  I hope to knock out 3 easy miles, and if all goes well, I’ll be good to go for Saturday…a tad undercooked and thus way underconfident given the runs I’ve missed with this injury, but able to run!

Obviously Boston is on my mind and will be in my thoughts on Saturday.  I published my post on Monday and saw what had happened five seconds later.  I can’t add anything beyond what I’ve read from other bloggers and from news sources and commentary.  My heart is broken like everyone else’s.  All I can think to do is continue on with my posts, my need to share my love for running and my dream to run this marathon…for the love of the sport, my love for my sister and the desire to raise money and show my appreciation for the good health and life I have today.  The runners, the victims, the people of Boston and the people who are dedicating their lives to find the killer/killers will be in my prayers forever.

So without further ado, I present my marathon playlist in three parts.  Don’t laugh, and skim right on through if you don’t care for my endless discussions of music.  Some people dig it.

Part One:  Mile 1 to roughly Mile 14-15

I’ve sprinkled some songs in here with a high amount of cheese, which I think will match my initial euphoria nicely.  I kept the beats toned down at the start so I won’t feel any drive to hobble out too fast, and I’ve got some songs that are sentimental for me (like That’s the Way of the World by Earth, Wind and Fire, not Scream and Shout!)

I even tried to match some tunes (approximately) with elevation changes and straightaways where I need to relax and just run smooth.  Yes, I am that nerd, and obviously Al Jarreau is meant for the smooth part.  Isn’t he on every runner’s playlist?


Part Two:  Mile 14-15 to mid-20s

I hope Florence Welch’s voice doesn’t annoy me on race day, because she’s all over this playlist.  Love her!  Other than that, by glancing at this group I think I should call it the R&B section.  Smooth grooves shall see me through.

Best line in these tunes?  At the end of My Body, when he screams “It’s not supposed to be easy, That’s why it feels so f&$*ing good!”



Part Three:  Mid-Twenties to 26.2!

I know…you’re thinking that Barry Manilow isn’t exactly a motivating end-of-marathon song.  But it is to me, and TiffeeG understands.  The rest is heavy on Rocky music, and wouldn’t it be great if JT could send me to the finish with Mirrors?  Highly unlikely, since that would put this undertrained novice marathon runner at a 4:15 finish.  There are a few songs after, and I also loaded the playlist with a repeat of this last bunch of tunes, all the way to almost 5 hours.  I’m covered.


Finally, I’ll wrap up with a quick list of raceday fears…

  1. My leg.  Obviously.  if I get hurt and have to quit, I’ll be quite pissy.  You don’t want to hear my pissy round-up of a race that wasn’t.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.
  2. Not finishing for any other reason.  I repeat, pissy Anj is not good for anyone.
  3. Chocolate rain.
  4. Prairie dogging.  I don’t mean to be gross, but it’s pretty clear that anything potty and bowel-related is a concern of mine.
  5. Chasing a Neil.  Readers know Neil.
  6. Gross miscalculation of pace and thus disappointment.  I know that pace should not be my concern for my first marathon, and no one dangled the carrot by betting more money if I beat 4:15 (it’s an option on my CharityBets page.)  However, I know my training paces AS TRACKED by my Runtastic app, and so I can’t help but have a loose sense of where I’d like to finish.  Thus, 4:15 would be a dream, but I’d be thrilled with anything under 4:25 and still pretty darn happy with a number under 4:30.  But what if the app’s been inaccurate all along?  What if I’ve been running 11:15 long slow paces instead of 10:15?  I’ll get schooled pretty quickly, and then I’ll be a bit disappointed.  Still, just to finish will be an accomplishment.
  7. Not enjoying it!  I’ve come too far not to stop and smell the roses.  I want to enjoy every minute that I’m out there, with love in my heart and a spring in my step!

Sorry to be so long!  Coming on Friday:  my pre-race wrap-up and a discussion!  Should I keep blogging or wrap this thing up?


14 thoughts on “Last Work It Out Wednesday: My Marathon Playlist and Race Day Fears!

  1. So very proud of you and so glad to hear you are feeling better and ready for this race!!! I will be thinking of you on Sat. and cheering you on! Can’t wait to read your post about how awesome you did!!!! And YES PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep blogging!!! You are the highlight of my day on a lot of days!


  2. Have to go google chocolate rain and prairie dogging now…but I definitely have an idea of what I’ll find 😉 And you must at least give us a post-race report!! We’ve followed this for so long with you – we are full on in it with you and TiffeeG, pissy Anj or not 😉 Is there a website where we’ll be able to track your Poise Pad Wedgie, I mean, your funky white girl self???


  3. Yeah Angie…it’s almost here! I’m so proud of your commitment to this marathon. That in and of itself is an accomplishment. I could read back through your blog and find a number of different times/reasons you could have thrown in the towel, but you have persevered! Looking forward to cheering you on in Ohoh..lathe this weekend!!!


  4. “My Body” is such a great song. A lot of these are great but that one in particular I have been in love with lately. I am convinced that it was written especially for runners. Good luck in your race! Run hard!


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