My Dog Is Fat and My Quad Is Toast

I took our new puppy Stella to the vet yesterday, since I’d never brought her back to have her stitches trimmed from her “lady” surgery.  The tech and vet said she’s fat.  Too fat for 7 months old.  It can strain the back, they said.

No more stealing food from Oscar’s bowl for her.  I have to take her down to 3/4 cup per day of dry food and (mon dieu!) cut back on her treats.  Poor chubby Stella!

Now on to the pressing issue.  I’ll try to joke about it, but really I’m near tears.  My quad is in all kinds of anguish right now, and I officially have to accept that I am injured.

It hurt last week, but I chalked it up to normal lingering soreness and pressed on, though cutting a little off my mileage.  Now it hurts to walk stairs and sometimes to put direct pressure on my leg.  It hurt with every step during my run Monday.  People, did I mention it hurts?  It’s certainly not gut-wrenching pain, but it’s “something’s wrong” pain, and there’s no mistaking it for anything else.

I thought at first based on the Facebook recommendation of a friend that it might be quad or patellar tendonitis, but after another run and a day or so, I really feel that it’s a quad muscle strain.  This is not good timing, since the marathon is only 10 days away.  Sure, it’s nothing like what my sister faces, and that fact is helping me keep things in perspective, but it is devastating on an ego/competitive/personal level.  Here’s what I’m doing for it:

I’m spending a lot of time on the couch.  I’m sprawled out a lot with a pillow under my leg a good portion of the day, book in hand and children on call to fetch me things.

I’m icing like a madwoman (again, with children on call to trade out my football- and baseball-shaped lunchbox icepacks.)  They like to yell, “Apply!” and then push the ice down on my skin to torture me.  Little do they know that every time they do that, I mentally knock off a few hundred dollars off the price of the car they will drive when they turn sixteen.  Max in particular will be lucky if we buy him a go-cart.


I’m drinking.  It’s for resveratrol/antioxidant/medicinal purposes.

I’m slathering my prescription compound foot cream for my plantar fasciitis all over my thigh a few times a day.  It’s got NSAIDs and a medication in it that increases blood flow to the region.  Bring in the red blood cells!  Get to work, please, little globules of healing!  Mama ain’t got time for dat!

I’m rolling on my foam roller CONSTANTLY.  It’s practically earned a place in my bed next to my Kindle, my iPhone and my copy of Volume Two of Les Misérables that puts me into a near-coma every night when I try to read it.

I went to the running store and checked on my shoes.  They said the wear pattern was okay but that they were near the end of their cycle (I’ve put over 400 miles on them.)  While I’ve heard never to switch your shoes right before a race, I bought a new pair (same style) and may try them out if I can get running again.

I bought some KT tape (my PA friend recommended it, and I have some CrossFit friends who have used it for injuries.)  At $20 for 20 strips, I half expect a miracle to happen when I strap it on.  If I break five pieces of it, will it fix the injuries of five thousand?  Is this shit some sort of transdermal ‘roid application?

BTW, the dude says not to buy the cotton type…get the pro style.  It sticks better.  Just passin’ it on.  I probably wouldn’t have realized there were two types and bought the wrong one if not for the sweet, helpful and enthusiastic 20-year old who regularly runs 40-45mpw and thinks I must have done something specific to hurt myself because if everybody trains right like I have then this shouldn’t happen because we all can run that distance.

See ya at 40, dude.  If you’re still singing that same song, I’ll buy you a bottle of your favorite wine.

I’m skipping runs.  I bailed on yesterday and today’s runs, and I just don’t know what to do about Friday.  It’s my last long run (8 miles.)  Do I skip it entirely and try to maybe run a few miles on Sunday (which would mean almost a week off?)  Does that even makes sense with needing to run 26.2 next Saturday?  Do I try to run it on Friday but cut back my miles? I am seriously at a loss.  I don’t want to stop running entirely and start to lose my readiness, but I don’t want to keep trying to run and just retweaking it and not give it a chance to heal.  The running store guy says to skip it because it’s better to go in 10% undertrained but with a better healed muscle than to go in with a highly agitated tear and one more 8-miler under my belt.

I would welcome any advice!!!  At the worst, I can’t run the race, which will be so upsetting, but the second worst scenario is running it super slow just to finish but injuring myself even worse.  Then I’m unhappy with my effort and time and yet also unable to keep running.  It’s just sad to think about after all the work of the last few months and after as careful as I’ve been.  Compared to many marathon training programs, these have been bare-bones miles, and I made sure I was more than ready with my base mileage before even starting.  The thought of not running is awful, and so is the thought of gimping my way to the starting line and not being able to give it my best effort.

Holy shit, where’s the Tylenol?

Sorry to complain so much, but that is what’s on this maybemarathoner’s mind.  I will try to be more positive and just hope that things turn around lightning quick.  If you have any tips or suggestions, please let me know, as I am truly floundering here!

And in the meantime, today’s Work It Out Wednesday song is “Mirrors” by Justin Timberlake.  What a love song.  What a running beat, especially at the end when it just repeats…

Off to get up close and personal with a rigid foam roller.


14 thoughts on “My Dog Is Fat and My Quad Is Toast

  1. I’m with you my friend! Where are our answers? why isn’t there a back of the book option for these nagging injuries!
    My advice, listen to your body and rest. I missed two races but refused to give up my half so I ran it, pain and all.
    It was worth it to me, but I would be a terrible person if I gave you that advice, so I won’t.
    I’ll do the right thing and tell you to rest and listen to the experts. And then I’ll see you outside while we (virtually)limp along together.


  2. I am so very sorry to read this. I have no advice to give since I am such a beginner runner. All I can do is pray for you….so that I will do. Either way know you have been an inspiration to so many and have done an amazing thing by raising money. We all know you have put your all into this and for that you should stand proud no matter what!!! Here’s to hoping for a super quick recovery with no new injuries.


  3. Argghh! That sucks…I am a much more moderate runner but can say I’ve skipped a couple of weeks of running before and picked it right back up. Your body won’t forget what you’ve already done- so yeah you should rest.
    And I will come and drink with you some night soon so you can vent…:)
    I have no doubt you will be at that starting line!


  4. I sympathise so much with your predicament. I faced injury to my hamstring prior to my first half marathon. I don’t have as much running experience as you (my disclaimer)…. but I didn’t run as many miles in the weeks before the race as I had planned but on reflection rest was a good thing, I ran with kinesio tape on leg in the race and it definitely helped, I saw an osteopath for advice on applying the tape properly (she gave me other useful tips specific to my injury that were really helpful too), and I was cautious running in the event. Like you I really wanted to be at the event but was also worried about inflicting more damage on myself. It is hard to be objective and you’ll go crazy trying to guess what the best choice is. I am really hoping it works out.


    • Thanks Emma! I knew you ran injured, but I forgot that you also used the tape. I’m glad it helped you, and it gives me a little hope. Like you said, I want to be there but don’t want to cause more damage that keeps me from running for months. I appreciate your comment!


  5. Last year I injured my knee 3 weeks before a marathon. I went through all the anguish it sounds like you are going through. In the end I figured it was better to get to the start line even if I was 15% undercooked than to keep pushing and not get there at all. So I pretty much stopped running for 3 weeks. I did a couple of easy runs for a few miles in the week of the race. You won’t lose any fitness by not running at all in the next 10 days. In the end my mind was more of a problem then my knee. I got round the marathon. And persevere with the Kt tape. It made the difference for me. Have you had it applied professionally once so you can see how it’s done? Good luck.


    • Thanks so much for your reply! I think you are definitely right, and I am going to rest, rest, rest and give it every chance possible to heal, even if it means I go in undercooked (I like that term for it!) I will look into making sure that I know how to apply the tape right. Thanks again!


  6. The hard work is already done, you have that in the bank. Focus on being fit for your race as getting to the start line in the best possible shape is the only focus now. Extra running is not really going to make much difference. Relax if you can!

    If it helps, my marathon is on Sunday, I have run twice in the last two weeks. I developed a foot problem and then a cold! I think the rest has actually been good for my tired body, although not so good for the mind!

    Good luck!


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