The Boy Was Back In Town (And Liebster Award Part Zwei!)

What a weekend!  HH was able to make it home for a brief visit.  Though he is well aware of my domestic inabilities, I felt the need to spruce things up for his late Friday evening return.

We were three excited family members…


Dogs were bathed…don’t they look like angels here?  Five seconds after I snapped this photo, she bit his penis and started a war that culminated in her peeing in the dining room…


I even put on a reasonable amount of makeup and vacuumed the floors.  Yes, I go all out.  He’s a lucky man.  We had a wonderful family weekend, and he took to the skies again this morning at 5:45.  He will be gone for too long, and I will likely not vacuum until he returns.

Before my brief flurry of household cleaning on Friday, I snuck in my 12-mile run.  The run did not go so great, for two reasons.  Number one, and this is TMI fo sho, I waited all damn day to use the restroom and never could, so I finally gave up and headed out.  Of course, after about 9 miles, I had to go something fierce and thought I might not be able to hold it in.

You laugh (and cringe perhaps), but as any runner knows, it’s extremely difficult to keep running, feet pounding the pavement, while the problem is “bangin’ away at your innards!” (a friend’s old quote.)  I flopped a huge instant sweat.  To make matters worse, I was running up a steep hill.  I started running faster to get closer to home, and then things started moving and it was beyond my control and I wasn’t sure if I’d made a noise or not because my music was cranking but was so glad that there wasn’t anyone on the street in case I had made a sound—

and then a lawn guy popped out from behind a truck I was passing and I knew by the smirk on his face that I had in fact made an indelicate noise.

Soooooo embarrassing!  A nightmare!  I tried to keep my composure and gave him a jaunty little wave like nothing was wrong.  Inside, I died a little.

Number two (reason, not problem described above), my left quad feels borderline injured, and I am in a semi-panic over it.  I cut back my taper miles a bit last week and then cut the 12 miles to 10.25 in an attempt to baby it (and get my ass in the door to the bathroom.)  I felt the muscle on every step.  This put me in a foul mood.  What if it’s strained?  What if it doesn’t get better?

I bought a foam roller to replace my muscle stick and have spent a significant amount of time sprawled out on the floor torturing myself and noticing dust bunnies hiding under furniture.  The pain is the worst right where my quad meets my knee in front.  My fingers are crossed that tapering and rolling will put the pain to rest.  I’ve also been icing and working on my plantar fasciitis double time with my prescription cream, as I’m sure it’s no coincidence that the strained muscle is on the same side.  With less than two weeks to go, there is no time now for injuries (nor excess fiber!)

On to the second part of my Liebster Award!  Remember that I had to cut my post short?  I never got to nominate blogs and pass questions on to them.  So here goes!

These are three blogs that I love that I believe have less than 200 followers.  Per the oh-so-official rules, I am to let them know that I’ve nominated them and pose some questions that I would like them to answer if they choose to participate.  Here is my list:

Rues de Genève:  My friend Kirstin writes this blog detailing her family’s adventures living in Switzerland.   She’s a great example of taking Swiss life (and life in general) by the you-know-whats and making it your own!

Welcome To the Nuthouse:  Suzan just completed her first half-marathon, and her description of it turned me into an instant follower.  She is all kinds of awesome.

Run It Off:  She has disappeared lately, and I hope she’ll return.  I was loving her blogging style.

And here are my questions for these bloggers (I promised Kirstin she would have fun answering them, so they’re a little on the erratic side.  Like me)—

  • What is the most embarrassing song on your iPod/iPhone/mp3 player?
  • Favorite city in the world? 
  • What is your most annoying habit?
  • Which sounds worse:  a day spent watching the Kardashian sisters or a day spent reading the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy?  Please explain your answer.
  • Why do you like/hate blogging?
  • What motivates you to exercise?  Do you have a favorite workout song?
  • Complete the following:  No party is complete without ____________.
  • Are you more of a sprinter or long-distance runner?  Why?
  • You’ve had a terrible day…failed at everything you’ve done.  It’s 5:00.  You reach for _____________.
  • Parallel park or drive around the block?
  • What is the most embarrassing moment in your life?

I hope you’ll check these wonderful blogs out!  I’m off to flop around a little on my roller and then run 4 taper miles!


3 thoughts on “The Boy Was Back In Town (And Liebster Award Part Zwei!)

  1. I shouldn’t laugh – but I did! Funny account of your run. Hope your leg feels better. I guess you are bound to worry about every twinge this close to the race. Think positive!


  2. I cannot WAIT to answer these questions 🙂

    And I have totally done the same thing, I forget that the entire world doesn't have headphones in.
    I have also seen (heard?) it happen at the gym a number of times. Those darn earbuds….
    At least at home I could blame it on the dog.


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