Etsy Finds (And Fails) For Runners!

I am officially over the $2000 mark, readers!!!!!  Thank you so much for your contributions, from the bottom of my heart and TiffeeG’s!  After the race is over, I will look at the list of contributors and find a way to send you a special thank you…maybe a sweaty photo or a private link to me singing Justin Timberlake karaoke at my post-race party/breakdown/winefest.

I’m dumping today’s Famous Feet Friday theme (though did you know that Oprah once ran the difficult Marine Corps marathon in 4:29:15 back in 1994?) and switching it up a bit.  My friend Pam sent me an adorable 26.2 tank for Christmas that she bought on Etsy.  I spent an hour or so the other day browsing the site for runner-related items (looking for no-slip headbands for my obnoxiously large noggin) and found some cool stuff and some hilarious items that must be shared.

If someone ponies up a lot of cash, I promise to run in this outfit.  I’ll even style my hair like Belle.  I ain’t cheap, but I can be had!  Yes, it’s made for the Disney marathon, but who says you can’t wear it in Kansas?  Trust me, I’ve lived here for almost a year now…there’s no law against dressing like an idiot.

Belle Beauty and the Beast inspired running outfit


This picture of Snow White in training almost triggered my stress incontinence…Princess Marathon DIY printable personalized digital file


Now this is more my style, though I would never wear it.  This lady has about 50 different shirts (you can customize too)…I’m sure her shirt that says “I run because this ass ain’t gonna run itself off” is popular.

Trample the Weak Hurdle the Dead  5K 10K & Marathon Running T Shirt, Fitness Message T-Shirt, Women's Funny Work Out Sayings Quote Tee


This next one makes me think of TiffeeG and the time HH came back from a law school trip to New York with a little blue box for me…even more special because we were broke graduate students livin’ on love and Hamburger Helper.

Marathon and Co - Tiffany Blue Running Typography Print - Runner Gift - Run Boston - 8x10


Love this next one.  Talk about in my wheelhouse!  She offers beer, martini and margarita versions too…

Run for Wine - Steampunk Typography Art  - Runner Gift - 8x10


I like this gal’s stuff, so she gets a second plug here.  This quote is by Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to finish the Boston Marathon  Hers is a great story…basically, there was huge controversy over letting women in, and she entered using only her initials.  When the race director saw her running the course, he ran out and tried to grab her and drag her off.

Boston Marathon 26.2 Kathrine Switzer Retro Print - Typographic Inspirational Running Quote - 8x10


Totally cute and very motivational…Chalkboard countdown for Marathon 26.2, Half Marathon 13.1, Ironman Triathlon 140.6 or 70.3


Do you get tired of seeing those 13.1 and 26.2 decals on cars?  So do I, although I might just go out and get one if I make it through the marathon.  If not, I’ll substitute this…

00.0 Marathon Joke Vinyl Decal Truck Car Window Sticker Running Cycling Swimming


This next item reminds me that I hate Jillian Michaels…Running motivation T-shirts Unless you puke, faint, or die, KEEP GOING


Multiple plugs for this next lady’s site too…I like this hoodie.  Hilarious Hoody - Great for Marathoners or Ultra Marathoners

SourceIf You See Me Collape, Pause My Garmin American Apparel Tee Shirt in Green with Black Print.


Oh yeah!  Maybe I could ask this lady to print this upside down so that I can look at it at Mile 20…Sample Sale: Lap After Freaking Lap Tank in Light Blue - Size S


And finally, the running tutu.  Now this is a trend I just don’t get.Marathon Tutu Skirt Ladies Women Teen Color Run Tough Mudder Mud Run Runners Sewn Patriotic tutu Costume Love by American Blossoms

SourceFuchsia Adult tutu. Many Colors Available (9 inch tutu running tutu)


It would be good at hiding my ass in compression shorts, but it violates my no bouncy movement rule.  Plus, it’s ridiculous.  Just my opinion.

Hope you enjoyed the best of Etsy!  I am off to run 12 miles…and on Monday I will finish my Liebster Award post.  Speaking of blogger kudos, the amazing Joyce from Anky…Spon…What passed on the Versatile Blogger Award to me which I will talk about in my next post as well.  We bloggers are a loyal and encouraging bunch!  Joyce runs an amazing blog covering all the news in AS.  She is an inspiration.

Enjoy your weekend!

Coming soon…great marathon signs!


6 thoughts on “Etsy Finds (And Fails) For Runners!

    • Yes, it is! Hard to imagine, isn’t it? Runner’s World had an amazing story on it a few issue back that I tried to find online but couldn’t. I might look through my copies to see if I still have it and then find the link online. It’s incredible.


  1. These are great! The picture of Kathrine Switzer is amazing! How far we have come!
    And, I have no doubt that you could rock a tutu. 😉
    those actually make me mad, only because these cute little things are wearing them, rocking out a 9:30 pace and my fat ass is squeezed into compression leggings and I’m hobbling along at 12:30.
    Like I need anything else on my body bouncing up and down…
    I’m just jealous and I’m not ashamed to admit it.


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