Work It Out Wednesday: There Is No Tomorrow

Well, technically there is, but then comes Friday—my last chance to get my act together and complete a successful long run of over 18 miles before I begin to taper.


My 18-miler was a gigantic suckfest, cut short by time and a serious mental block.  My 19-miler was a near-death experience due to dehydration.  So this is it.  I’m pinning a lot of hope on this one.

I know what that means.  Time to carboload AND load my playlist with the most inspiring songs I have in my arsenal.

Yep, it’s Rocky time.

Surely every runner has at least one song from the Rocky movies on their playlist.  This is not original stuff here.  If you are a runner and don’t run to at least one Rocky song at least at some point, leave a comment so I can be properly shocked and please tell me what you use in place of the crown jewels of running music.  I must know.

HH and I love the Rocky movies (well, the good ones anyway.)  We even had Forced Family Fun Night last week when Rocky II was on and made the boys watch the whole thing (Alex was into it, Max looked like he wanted to jump off a cliff.)  We quote it like movie dorks, and we have many of the tunes.

Please don’t stop at Eye of the Tiger or Gonna Fly Now.  Tell me you have Going the Distance…I looped that song 6 times on my first half-marathon playlist so I could be sure to finish to it.  I had Alone in the Ring (very short) on a pre-race playlist.

They’re just so damn motivating.  Redemption is perfect for a long run.  The Training Montage from Rocky IV is perfect.  I muster up all my Cold War rage and just throw it into my run.  Who didn’t hate Drago?  Cheating bastard.

Hearts on Fire…perfect for when you think you’re running out of steam and need to pick it back up.  If you can’t kick ass to this song, turn around and go home.  You need rest.



And please…No Easy Way Out is just perfect.



I just downloaded Conquest and will have it on all future playlists.

You can even download snippets from the movie on iTunes….I might have to add this clip to my raceday playlist…

Apollo’s dead!  Adrian doesn’t believe in him!  He’s got 99 problems!!!!!!!!  Adrian’s making it 100!  Just writing about it makes me want to go run right now!  I’m fired up!!!!!!!!

What’s your favorite Rocky moment?  Feel free to share.

Moving on…after two hospital visits and one nursing home visit in the past two days, I am reminded of the gift of good health.  I write about wanting to appreciate my good health while I have it, and it’s so true.  I cherished my 5-miler yesterday afternoon.  My grandpa is doing better, and my grandma is resting comfortably (she has dementia, so that’s really the best one can expect.)

I was able to meet TiffeeG for lunch after visiting Grandma.  She is hanging in there and hoping for warmer weather and a boost from her next Remicade shot.  She offered to drive behind me shouting words of encouragement on my run Friday, which gave us both a good laugh.  

I will definitely need her support on race day.  It looks like HH will still be in Florida, so I will need to see her smiling face near the finish line.  

There’s no easy way out

There’s no shortcut home





3 thoughts on “Work It Out Wednesday: There Is No Tomorrow

  1. You’ve got this!
    I was just thinking that I need to update my playlist. I like to run to things i would never be caught dead listening to in public.
    You know, old school Britney, Spice Girls, Ashlee Simpson (wow, that last one was hard to even type).


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