Work It Out Wednesday: Soundtrack Songs for Digging Deep

I’m getting ready to bathe Oscar and then take him out for a 5-mile run later.  He officially completed his first 5-miler yesterday and did a fantastic job.  I had to put a head collar on him since he has been pulling so much, and I was surprised at how effective it was.  He settled right down to my pace and we ran in sync the whole way.

Here’s a short and sweet post with my favorite movie soundtrack songs for long runs and a quick laugh supplied by my older son.  If you’re a runner, do you ever listen to movie scores when you run?  I find the music very inspiring on long runs.  I know that a few of these will be on my raceday playlist, especially toward the last few miles.

Enterprising Young Men around Mile 20?  It’s a guarantee.  The Main Title from Band of Brothers?  I see it somewhere around Mile 23.  We took a trip to visit the sites of the Battle of the Bulge when we lived in Switzerland, and every time I hear that song I think of those men and that amazing trip that we had as a family.  It inspires me to keep things in perspective and just run and breathe and enjoy the gift of the day.


Are there any movie scores other runners recommend?  I’d love to check them out!

And now for the quick laugh:  our son Alex is in 8th grade, and he just completed a science project.  The assignment was (in part) to create a bumper sticker advertising travel to a different planet.  Alex’s planet was Saturn, so he made a bumper sticker that said, “Ring in Spring Break with a trip to Saturn!”  

I thought it was a pretty good slogan (playing off the rings) and told him that I hoped he would get a good grade on the project.  He laughed and told me that he knew he would beat the kid who turned in his project right before him…the kid’s planet was Mars, and his bumper sticker read…

“Mars–Next to breasts, it’s the best!”

Wow, do I feel for middle school teachers!


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