Work It Out Wednesday: I’m Not Proud

The boys are tucked into bed, I’m icing my foot and slurping a small glass of Bailey’s before bed.  It’s the late night edition!

The runs are going better.  I’m recovering from the cluster that was last Friday’s long run, though a short time in a padded cell probably wouldn’t have hurt.  Yesterday’s 8-miler had me particularly focused.  I’m guessing it was because it was at goal pace…it sort of drew me in.  Either that or I just got sick of being bitchy and slapped myself back into shape.  Whatever works.

What is goal pace, you might wonder?  I wonder myself!  Depending on the day and the way the wind is blowing, I’m hoping for anywhere from an average 9:20 to 10:00 pace for race day.  On the days where I feel like the taper will be all that it’s cracked up to be, I let my freak flag fly and see myself averaging 9:20 with the last few miles dropping to around a 9:45.  On days where I’m struggling and feeling cranky, I tell myself that I’ll be lucky to average 9:50 for the whole thing.  On days like last Friday, I tell myself that I don’t even have to show up.  This isn’t Russia.

I need to try not to worry about it.  It’s my first marathon, so I should just plan on finishing.  Geez, 6 weeks ago I didn’t even have the confidence to think my foot would let me reach race day!  On the other hand, though, it’s likely my only shot at a marathon EVER, so I do want to do my best.  I just wish I knew what that was.

Wouldn’t it be great if I could get close to a 4:15 AND raise $2000 for TiffeeG’s disease?  That would be amazeballs!  I so hope that happens…that would be my best.  That is a goal I can embrace!

In the meantime, I will keep on running and enjoy this Friday, when I only have to run 13.  I will definitely dump the Sade and save her for date night.  I must revamp my playlist and go with more songs that pack a punch, either with the beat, the lyrics, or just the personal meaning.

So here it is…today’s Work It Out Wednesday song…Rhythm Nation by Miss Jackson (I’m nasty.)  I’m not proud, but I am honest.  I almost throw my back out when running to this song because I’m half running/half dancing when I hear it.  It’s all kinds of awkward…just like me.  Sing it if you want a better way of life!

Thanks for reading, for the comments and for all the support!  Time for bed!


One thought on “Work It Out Wednesday: I’m Not Proud

  1. Good song choice!!! Who doesn’t like some Janet Jackson…Miss Jackson if your nasty!! hee hee!! You are amazing, so proud of you!!!


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