Famous Feet Friday: Run Little Raisin

Perhaps it’s because I’ve just spent the past 36 hours completing a tax organizer with numerous mandatory fields…

or perhaps it’s because it WON’T STOP SNOWING…

or maybe it’s just because I have the skin of a shriveled raisin from all the cold dry weather and hours spent by the moisture-sucking space heater in my family room…

or maybe it’s because I have to head out for a 3-hour-plus 18 mile run and the streets are icy and it WON’T STOP SNOWING….

but I am in a mood.



(Oslo, June 2011)

If I don’t get out the door by 11:45-12:00, I won’t have time to complete the run in time to pick up Max at 3:10.  That is a sobering thought.

How can I run for over three hours without eating?  I can barely go two hours without a heavy snack!



(Oslo again)

And what if nature calls?



(Oslo museum)

I could always put the run off until tomorrow, but let’s be honest…my Friday night wine is a staple of my life, and I don’t want to sacrifice it.  Certain things are non-negotiable.

But my coffee and couch are calling me…



I must remember my goal and how excited I will feel once I am done–frozen and likely lifeless, but done…


(Outside of Prague, fall 2010)

Time to improve my attitude!  TiffeeG would gladly suck it up for one cold run if it meant she could be painfree on other days!  I shall hit the road and rediscover my love of running!


(See me giving the ol’ thumbs down during the Geneva 2011 half-marathon?  Yes, I was a beacon of positive energy that day too!)

I have just enough time to make a quick playlist and launch the long-run prep sequence.  It’s going to be great!  I’m so stoked!  Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars!


(Communist Memento Park, middle of nowhere outside Budapest, fall 2011)

I’d better hit the road and hope I don’t slip and fall.  That would be really embarrassing.


Once it’s over, I can relax this evening with the boys and a nice glass of red and look forward to the return of HH…my lovin’ man!

ImageHappy weekend to all…oh, and today’s Famous Feet Friday runner is Drew Carey, who ran the 2011 Marine Corps. Marathon in 4:37:11 after dropping over 70 pounds.  The time was right!  Get it?  I’m funny, right?  Um, yeah, I should wrap up now.




3 thoughts on “Famous Feet Friday: Run Little Raisin

  1. Ok, maybe my favorite post!!!! Those statues – who approves this stuff????

    Still laughing!!!! Do hope your run was safe though – perhaps you need some vin chaud tonight instead???


  2. Enjoyed my chat with you on the run today, too bad I wasn’t out there with you. Gotta love technology. Loves these pics. I was just looking at the ones from Oslo the other day when I went back to your Geneva blog. They are hilarious!


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