Work It Out Wednesday: Snow and Sleigh Bells

We all knew it was coming here in KC…we hunkered down and stocked up on the essentials.  The storm was due to start around midnight, dumping up to 3 inches per hour at times.  I was nervous about losing power.  How would this princess sleep without her heated mattress pad?

TiffeeG texted me at 11:00 to tell me that they had just lost power, so I fell asleep praying that they would get it back quickly.  I woke up around 8 am to a beautiful image from our upstairs bedroom window–


The view from the dining room window was incredible as well…
snowfrontviewGorgeous!  Our neighbor came over with his snowblower and cleared our driveway, which I appreciated sooo much, since I needed to run 8 miles and didn’t really want to use up all my energy shoveling.  HH is in Florida all week…staying on the beach, no less.

My strapping young lads helped tidy up the sidewalk…

boysshovelsAnd Oscar cleared a path for our short-legged Stella…

dogsdeepsnowMax and I built Mr. Plumpy while Alex attacked us with snowballs…

plumpyTiffeeG and my niece Lauren made their snowperson in perfect TiffeeG style!

Photo: Snowgirls at the Gilligs!

And then I sucked it up and headed out for my 8-mile run.  The view was amazing.

snowstreetsI got a little chilled around Mile 4, so the run seemed to drag on a bit.  I just wanted to get back inside, and the knowledge that I have to run 5 today and 18 on Friday was weighing on me.  I got by with the help of my special 8-mile playlist, which included today’s Work It Out Wednesday song:  Kids by Sleigh Bells.

As I was searching for this song to plug into the post, I noticed a website called and clicked on it.  It’s a website that lists the BPMs of songs and what running pace they are best for…I loved it!  I’ve seen websites before with the same concept that just weren’t very good, but I liked this one.  It has a few kinks to work out but seems to be off to a great start.

It lists “Kids” as perfect for a 9:00 mile…sounds about right to me!  I went ahead and threw in a few other songs that I really like to run to for pace matching…

  • Rebel Yell by Billy Idol:  It said it’s good for an 8:24 mile.  Yep–that is a perfect pace song for me.
  • Head Over Heels by The Go-Gos:  Good for a 9:18.
  • I Stand Corrected and Walcott by Vampire Weekend: Both are right on at a 9:00 mile.
  • Talk Dirty To Me by Poison: 9:36.

While I wouldn’t recommend making every song on your playlist a pace/BPM match song, such songs are good for sprinkling in for tempo run playlists or race day playlists–like little pace checks.

Here’s to 5 miles today and 18 on Friday…I am off to squeeze in my run and then to finish my Settlers of Catan game with the boys!


4 thoughts on “Work It Out Wednesday: Snow and Sleigh Bells

  1. Great shots of your beautiful neighborhood PP! Way to stick to it and run despite the hideous weather!

    Why do those cheerleaders look like Hannibal Lector (sp?)

    Keep going girl, you are amazeballs!!!!
    Love you,


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