Inches and Miles

Good news for those of us preparing for Snowmageddon Part Deux:  though there’s been a run on D batteries, there’s still plenty of Bailey’s left on the shelves.

Yes, we are hunkering down for a second storm, just as HH has departed for the sunny Florida skies.  He is gone for the week, and another snowstorm fast approaches.  If he sends me gloating texts from the beach, I might kill him when he returns.  With all the eating I’ve been doing lately, I think I can take him down.

The dogs are loving the 11 inches of snow in the backyard.  We had the boys shovel a path on the back deck in anticipation of the new storm, which Stella and her Dachshund legs appreciate.

Here is the little Princess basking in the sun…


The snow and cold temperatures are right in Oscar’s wheelhouse, so he has been loving his time outside.  What he isn’t loving is his snuggly bed.  Stella steals it and has peed on it twice.  Poor Oscar is happy to share it with her, but she likes to flop right in the middle so he has no room.  If only he realized his power–instead, he makes do–

Here he is trying to take over her bed…


Poor Oscar.

TiffeeG had her third Remicade treatment last week.  She said that it’s hard to tell if it’s helping yet, because no one with any kind of arthritis feels good in this kind of weather, but she is hanging in there.  As you can imagine, she doesn’t always like to talk about it and kind of tries to keep it to herself on all but the worst days, so I don’t have a good feel for how she is really doing.  When I have good news to report, I will do so!

As for me, I am happy to report that I made it through 17 miles last Friday.  It felt like such a victory!  I finished in 2:56:29, equivalent to a 10:22 average pace.  My splits were pretty even, with no dropoff toward the end.  It was hard to pace myself…I kept wondering if I would have enough energy for the last few miles, especially since HH had taken my car with my supply of Honey Stingers in the trunk, leaving me with nothing but some stale Teddy Grahams to take with me.

It wasn’t easy by any means, and part of the challenge was mental as well as physical.  There just aren’t a whole lot of encouraging things you can say to yourself on a massive run like that.  It’s a pretty strange feeling to cover 7 miles (I had to just do big loops through our neighborhood because of the snow-covered streets, which was incredibly boring) and then tell yourself, “Only 10 miles to go!” like it’s a good thing.  You almost want to tell yourself to f*&k off.

Miles 11-13 were the worst, knowing I was reaching the half-marathon distance and yet still needing to run more.  Everything was barking in that sort of hacked-off, b&*ch-don’t-you-know-you’re-40 kind of way.  I was starting to get a little chilled, because it was pretty cold and my body had adapted and cooled off a little bit.

But then I hit Mile 14, and I realized that 3 more miles, given all the miles I’ve logged, was like a small blip in time.  When I finished and tried to walk, it was difficult at first, as everything was so stiff.  Yet I knew that nothing was injured…I knew I would recover.  Runners develop the ability, over hundreds and eventually thousands of miles logged, to tell the difference, and I knew that I had held up just fine.  I could hardly walk, but I knew I’d bounce back.  And I did.  I woke up the next morning feeling barely sore.  It gave me such confidence and gratitude.

I am truly starting to believe that I will run this race.  I have a busy week of running: 5 miles today, 8 tomorrow, 5 on Wednesday and 18 on Friday.  I’m of course worried about fitting it in with the snow coming tonight, but I will just try my best.  After my 18-miler this week, I drop down to 13, then finish with 19-, 12- and 20-mile long runs before beginning my taper.  The race is less than two months away.

Hal’s words of wisdom:

Running long offers a dress rehearsal.  Running long teaches the stress of lifting feet 5,000 times per hour.  Running long builds confidence.

Feeling confident for now at least…stay safe and warm, Snowmageddon readers!

Total miles logged: 235

Total blog views: over 1600 and counting!  Thank you!

Total money raised: $1675!  Thank you!


3 thoughts on “Inches and Miles

  1. Those dogs are too stinking cute!!! But tell Oscar that he does not look like a dignified Frenchie trying to fit on that teeny bed…so keep it up!! I’ve got enough of those to deal with over here! Great job on the run! TiffeeG – you’re in my prayers – prayers of healing and comfort and treatment solutions to produce both. Your’s is a special family 🙂


  2. You’re killing it girl!!! I am so proud of you, I die every single minute!!

    I thought of another song for you, do you have Regulate by Warren G? A must have sister!

    Lots of love and prayers for healthy runs for you!


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