Famous Feet Friday: How Deep Is Your Love?

The snowpocalypse has come and gone, and most of our area is buried beneath 10-15 inches of beautiful (for now) snow.


We checked the news periodically throughout the day…I had a good laugh when one newscaster was in the middle of a live feed around 10am, when we were already 6-7 inches deep, and a runner went by behind him.  As he said, “If you’re a runner, you understand that.”

And I do!  That man is a runner, and he’s not going to miss his run.  Maybe he’s uptight like I am.  It was probably one of his long runs.  Whatever you do, you don’t miss the long runs!

Now I just have to practice what I preach and drag my butt outside for 17 miles.  I am a runner, right?  Um, right.  I have to go…I have to…

But the snow is deep, and now it’s packed down on the streets by the plows, which makes it icy.  The dogs are loving it…Oscar plowed the way through for Stella, and they’ve had a great time.  The boys have spent some quality time outside, and Max is back out in it right now.  They’re in heaven…I am not.


My run is 17 miles…at my planned 10:00 + pace, I’ll be out there close to 3 hours.


The sun is out, so I’m hoping the streets will melt a little.  I’m planning to head out in an hour or so.  I need to dig out the sausage layers and the neck gator first.  God, I hate neck gators.  They get all nasty, and you breathe your own breath back in.  I think I should get serious about my idea for a runner’s chin strap.

I also need to make a motivating playlist.  Maybe I’ll throw in a little “Summertime” by Will Smith.  Maybe a little “Miami!”  A little “All Summer Long” by Kid Rock.  Or maybe I’ll add “December” by the Counting Crows and just wallow in the cold.  It’s sure to be beautiful, as long as it’s not icy.

Today’s Famous Feet Friday runner is Gordon Ramsay, who trains year-round and has run several marathons.  The time I found is 4:26:21 for the 2012 London Marathon.  Impressive!

Total miles logged: 218.  Enjoy your weekend!


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