Work It Out Wednesday: Mmm, Protein!

This is going to gross you out…promise.

I mentioned in my last post that I am consuming every flour-based product in sight (sigh).  In fact, if you hear of a flour shortage in the Midwest anytime soon, I will take the blame.  It has been a no-prisoners assault on pasta and bread lately–yet I haven’t neglected my protein.

I tend to have really low blood sugar, which I will happily take given the history of Type I and Type II diabetes in my family.  What this means for me, though, is a free ticket to the full roller coaster ride of blood sugar and its effects on my body.  My blood sugar dips; I feel nauseous.  If I eat too much of the white devils, I feel nauseous.  If I go more than an hour or two without eating, well, you get the picture.


As HH loves to point out, it’s important to keep me “watered and fed” at all times.  That’s exactly how he puts it…but it’s true.  I’m like the Snickers commercials…I can go all Joe Pesci on your ass, but give me a snack and I’ll be okay–as long as the snack has protein.  I have to balance both.  If I have protein along with my carbs, it slows down the rate of digestion and makes me feel oh so much better:


One measure of the rate of carbohydrate digestion is how quickly your blood sugar increases after a meal — rapid carbohydrate digestion leads to a blood sugar increase shortly after eating, whereas slower carbohydrate digestion leads to a slower sustained release of glucose into your bloodstream. Dietary protein helps reduce the rate at which your body can process carbohydrates, slowing carbohydrate digestion and preventing a rapid increase in blood sugar.

Read more:

It really does make a difference for me and helps on runs as well.

So yesterday I ate my usual breakfast…a two-egg spinach and onion omelet with a banana.  I had a slice of banana bread too.  Then I ran seven miles.  I picked up Max for early dismissal, and we headed to First Watch for a breakfast lunch.

Two more eggs, two slices of bacon and one banana granola crunch pancake…a BIG pancake…



I took it down, then shuddered when I realized that it wasn’t even 1:00, and I’d consumed four eggs, two pieces of bacon, a piece of banana bread, one banana and a pancake the size of my head.  I told myself, “Girl, slow it down!”  Then I kept eating.  Thank goodness Max ate all of his chocolate chip pancake, or I would have had that too.

I ate more throughout the day…I never miss a chance to snack.  Then came dinner…chicken breasts with green beans and pasta.  I had purchased a new brand of pasta for dinner that had a lower amount of carbs.  I tossed the pasta into the boiling water…

and a bunch of brown things floated up to the surface.

I wondered if I had accidentally purchased some new kind of flavored pasta…some new development in pasta-making that I had missed in our Switzerland years (kind of like the laundry pods–a new development that I discovered upon our return and promptly messed up, washing our clothes in nothing but a stain booster for almost a month).

Were those brown things some kind of herb?  Did the pasta have a flavoring packet?  I checked the box.  Nope, it looked pretty basic.

And then I peeked inside.



Um, what is that in the bottom of the box?  Oh Jesus…it moved!



(No, I’m not 80, just 40, but my hands are all dried out from winter and washing my hands constantly after cleaning up puppy messes)

Yum!  A little extra protein with my carbs!

Now, I like to think of myself as a positive person when my blood sugar isn’t in the dumps, so I have decided that this is just the universe’s way of telling me to stop eating so much damn white devil.  HH helped me double-bag the trash, but not before I took a picture of the offending pasta box…



I don’t recommend purchasing this brand, needless to say…I don’t think their idea of Guaranteed Great Taste matches up with mine.

So, in honor of the Dreamfields pasta brand, today’s Work It Out Wednesday song is “Shake it Out” by Florence + The Machine.  I love running to this song, and it’s likely to be on repeat on my raceday playlist.  Her voice, the words, the instrumentation…it makes me want to sprint, and it always make me think of how grateful I am to be healthy enough to run, just for today, one run at a time.

And it’s hard to dance

with a devil on your back

so shake him off, oh woah!

Here’s to shaking off the white devil just a little bit for today…my appetite for pasta is not quite what it used to be!

Total miles logged: 163.

Total money raised: $1675!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One thought on “Work It Out Wednesday: Mmm, Protein!

  1. Okay I am serious that is NASTY! Thinking of you this week, lots of miles girl you can do it!! So happy the weather is cooperating for you but get some lotion on those hands PRONTO!!!

    Love you PP!


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