Denim Doesn’t Lie

When the seams of my jeans are busting at the thighs, it’s a sign that I’ve been running a lot…which always corresponds with eating a lot…which is going to lead to me carrying a few extra pounds with me on race day if I make it.

Now I’m not saying I’m fat.  I’m not, I know it, I’m grateful and I am not one of those women who exercises just to be a certain size.  BUT, where I am most ample, relatively speaking, is in the thigh area–which is also where I tend to pack on a bit of muscle when I ramp up mileage.  Throw in lots of those miles run at a slow and efficient pace, coupled with the fact that I am just running and not mixing in any workout variety yet eating like every day is the Super Bowl, and you have the makings of 98% cotton/2% Lycra stretched to the very limits of its engineered design.

I welcome the muscle and love the fact that I am feeling strong.  My foot has been making a great recovery and has felt about 80% the past several days.  I feel like I want to run more miles, like I could take on more than I’m doing…I am rolling!  But I am treating the fact that I am training as an excuse to snarf any food in sight.  I haven’t met a flour-based food product that I haven’t decimated within the last week.  I am acting like running 30 miles per week necessitates Michael Phelps-like calorie consumption, when I know better.

I don’t know how people lose weight while training for long-distance races.  True, many of them have lots of weight to lose, so it stands to reason that they would drop some major weight, whereas I am firmly entrenched in that club of reasonably-fit people who would love to just get back down a size or so…the club of people who just can’t lose that stubborn 5-10 pounds.  Still, the way that running fires up my appetite is stunning…and so are the size of my quadriceps these days, tucked under a nice layer of mom fat and forcing my denim to work overtime.

It’s time to tone it down a bit and to focus on the dreaded N-word…nutrition.  I need to pay better attention to what I am putting in my 40-year old body in preparation for the marathon.  Though I don’t eat terribly bad, I’m not eating terribly well, either, and I’ve been taking in a high volume of empty crap calories along with my eggs, bananas and almonds.

I drove the race course yesterday afternoon, which turned out to be a great idea.  The race is April 20th, and I keep thinking that it’s either a long way off or coming up too quickly, depending on my schizo mood and what I am doing at any given moment (more than likely stuffing my face, as of late).  The biggest part of me thinks “Oh Jesus Christ, I haven’t even run 15 miles yet and I have to run 26.2 in just over two months!  Shit!”, while my seldom-seen more rational persona thinks “Oh, I still have over two months for this whole plan to come together…easy!”  

I panicked the other day when I saw the course mapped out in Garmin Connect, as I wrote in my previous post.  It just seemed so, well, long!  You know, like 26.2 miles or something.  Still, I had the urge to take a look and see just how evil it looked in person.

It takes a fair amount of time to drive 26.2 miles when you are mostly cruising residential streets.  It really seemed intimidating, and yet it wasn’t.  I tried to go all touchy-feely freaky-deaky and visualized myself running those streets as I slowly drove through the course.  I got a good picture of just how nasty the few hills really are (and they are nasty, though the course is extremely flat overall), but instead of wanting to cry I felt anticipation.  I may actually make it…if I can just stop eating.

Happy Monday, and thanks for checking in with this MaybeMarathoner!


3 thoughts on “Denim Doesn’t Lie

  1. I have another running friend, also in marathon training, who has posted the same thing about gaining weight. At least you’re smart enough to know it’s muscle! Glad to hear that your foot is hanging in there 🙂 Roll on, girl!


  2. Oh how I love reading your posts!! This is a big week for you and just know I am thinking about you and cheering you on!!

    Ice Ice Baby!!!!!


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