Famous Feet Friday: Attention, Low Battery

It’s a late post today…I spent the morning having coffee with a new friend (she runs!  Lots in common!), dropped off donuts for my little guy’s birthday (11!), took one dog to doggie daycare and took another on multiple trips outside to potty (Good girl, Stella!  Treats and hugs!), geared up, layered up and hit the streets in the frigid cold for my first-ever 14-mile run.

It was so cold that Baby Stella was literally sleeping ON our space heater…


I wore my SmartWool running socks, my Lululemon Toasty Tech tights, my Lululemon tank, a Nike DriFit turtleneck, a light Under Armour halfzip and a long light fleece jacket.  I  was so nervous about running 14 miles for the first time, but I felt TOTALLY prepared!

But I forgot to charge my iPhone, and it died on me at Mile 4 after announcing my 10:05 pace.  Totally.

No tunes, no pace info, no distance announcement.  Just silence.  Well, not really silence…I could hear the noise of the cars, my breathing and the sound of my boat-sized feet smacking along.

Some people rave about running without music, but I am not one of them.  I like my tunes.  I almost stroked when the music shut off, but I knew I couldn’t stop.  So I pressed on and ran the next 10 miles guesstimating pace and distance.  I sang songs to myself and let my mind wander, which I always love on long runs but manage to do just fine with tunes, thank you very much.  I thought of great running quotes I’ve seen recently…

Running made me feel like a bird let out of a cage, I loved it that much.  (Priscilla Welch, retired British marathoner)

Running long offers a dress rehearsal.  Running long teaches the stress of lifting feet 5,000 times per hour.  Running long builds confidence.  (Hal Higdon)

I thought of the race itself and pictured myself just showing up, just getting to that day.  I kept running.  My Clif shotbloks didn’t agree with me (or maybe it was the scone I ate during my coffee with my friend), but I kept running.  I couldn’t feel my chin anymore by Mile 8-9, and in my runner’s mental fog decided that I would like to invent a warm chin strap for runners.  I had zero idea of what pace I was running or what time it was.  I felt like Forrest Gump…I kept running.  I thought of the Dunkin’ Donuts I had at the house and planned out a lovely afternoon of donuts, milk and iced feet.  I thought of my sister, who would love to just have a painfree day, period–and so I ignored the pain and kept running.

I think I ended up around 14 miles.  I think my pace was decent.  I’m on ice.  I’ve had two chocolate glazed donuts.  I have the weekend to get my foot back to normal for next week’s mileage.  And I will be damn sure to charge my bleepin’ phone before heading out for next week’s 15-miler!

Today’s Famous Feet Friday runner is Ryan Reynolds, who ran the New York City Marathon in 2008 with a time of 3:50:22.  Impressive!


source: http://freelancerslament.blogspot.com/2008/11/i-hate-marathons.html


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