Famous Feet Friday Monday Edition: What To Wear

I tried to publish this post five times last Friday, and the WordPress gods conspired against me every time.  I would hit “Publish”, I would see the screen that said “Your post has been published”–and then there was nothing.  Trying again here…

I had to drive HH to work today, since he got in around midnight and his car is at the office.  I passed several runners on my drive home…out braving the frigid temperatures here in Kansas City and getting their miles in.  It inspired me to come home and run my 9 miles immediately!

I’m getting to it.  I needed some more coffee first, and of course my faithful readers are on the edge of their seats waiting for my Friday blog post.

I do love seeing other people run.  I look at what they’re wearing, I watch their stride and their breathing, and if they are really killing it, I mutter “Fasthole!” under my breath and curse them.  I don’t like it when they make it look too easy.  More power to them (fistpump!), but I get jealous.  I would love to be a fasthole.

I pay particular attention to runners’ outfits.  I am one of those cold-natured people, and as my HH says, I am only comfortable within a 2-3 degree window and am complaining the rest of the time.  With the recent cold temperatures and the fact that I’m running long runs at a slow pace, I have spent a ridiculous amount of time before runs deciding what to wear.  HH thinks I am crazy, but I think a lot of runners obsess about what to put on before runs.

Since I am such an ice princess, I typically head out overdressed compared to everyone else, even with ten years of running under the ol’ muffin belt.  I think most runners would rather feel a little chilly than too hot on a run, and I agree, but I soooo hate the feeling of being so cold at the start of a run and how all my muscles tense up in response, so I pack on the layers.  The downside is that I do end up too hot sometimes–and that sucks too because being too hot makes me feel like I’m struggling with the run, even if I’m not.  It makes me feel like I’m not breathing right somehow.  Do other runners feel this way?

My solution lately has been to start with a long running tank that I can tuck it into my running tights.  It keeps my chest warm without my arms feeling like stuffed sausages with so many layers (and I hate the feeling of those layers creased in my elbows, along with excessive elbow sweat.  Gross).  I like Lululemon’s Cool Racerback tank because it has a nice long length, so it doesn’t ride up on long-waisted bellyfat-carrying gals like myself, and because it doesn’t have a built-in bra.  I almost died once trying to get into one of those built-in bra tanks.  It got stuck around my neck and I had a moment or two of sheer panic.  Never again.

With the recent frigid temps, I add a mid-layer, preferably with a high neck.  I like compression or semi-fitted, because I hate the feeling of movement when I run.  Everything needs to be held down…the only thing I can stand moving is my ponytail behind me.  Even my iPhone cord bugs me, so I clamp it down.

A jacket, preferably with zippered pockets, completes my winter penguin look.  I like zippered pockets because I can stuff Kleenex in and also zip my gloves in if I get warm enough to take them off.

I have a couple of running hats and headbands with ponytail cutouts in the back, so my head stays warm and my hair stays out of my face.  No flyaways…hate ’em!  Even if it’s warm, I have my hair either taped or pinned down…no movement!

During warmer runs, I still like tight tops and pants/capris and NO MOVEMENT, which is why the following pic of today’s Famous Feet Friday celebrity runner sends me into a runner OCD fit….Katie Holmes at the 2007 New York City Marathon.

Katie Holmes in the New York City Marathon...

photo from dailynews.com

Look at her hair!  The way her jacket is flapping around!  The way her hat looks like it could fly off at any moment!  Imagine how her boobs had to be jiggling (yes, even small boobs can jiggle)!  That tank is for yoga, not running!  Where is her bra?  I want to run out there and give her a nursing pad or something to cushion those nipples!

Here’s another pic…I like her a little bit more in this one, because she is a member of the heel-striking club like me, but that cord is a disaster!  I could almost break out into hives…

photo from peoplestylewatch.com

Her race time was 5:29:58.  Her outfit was an offense.

As for myself, the tight gear is on and I am ready for my easy 9-miler today.  I have been icing my feet and applying the sticky cream faithfully, which has meant lots of time at the kitchen table in front of the computer while my arches ice.  The highlight of yesterday’s afternoon icing was when my 5th-grader Max came up to me at the kitchen table and carefully placed the eyeballs of the squid he had dissected at school in front of me for approval.  Why don’t kids understand that the kitchen table is not the place for dirty socks and squid eyeballs?  What possessed him to pocket the eyeballs anyway, and what else might he be hoarding?  Eww….

My foot is hanging on pretty well with all the icing and my prescription cream.  If you are a runner and develop PF, or if you have the start of AS as TiffeeG did and develop PF without ever running a mile (very common in AS sufferers), I recommend asking your doctor about the cream (along with custom orthotics).  It wasn’t available when I had my first round of PF in 2007, but I’m glad to have it now.  My compound prescription includes a muscle relaxant and an NSAID as well as a medicine to increase blood flow to the area.  It is keeping the demon at bay.

Happy Weekend!


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