Work It Out Wednesday: Noche Nada

TiffeeG juiced up with no problems yesterday, and we were able to go to lunch together before I took her home.  It’s nice to know that though I can’t take away her pain, I can at least be the comic relief.



After getting the boys home from school, I bundled up for a cold 6-mile goal pace run.  Good God, it felt good to run at pace instead of yelling at myself to slow down every other minute!  I felt like I was let out of my cage for awhile, and it was…sublime.  I love runs where the air is cold on my face but I am nice and toasty.  Cold weather runs really heighten my senses…I could smell the crispness in the air, the scent of laundry coming from houses, what people were cooking and the exhaust from all the cars (ugh!).

I finished with an average 9:07 pace.  Too fast again.  I know that’s not a sustainable pace for 26.2, but boy was it easy for 6, and it was necessary for my spirits.  I’ll try to slow down next time.

Have you seen the Ryan Gosling running memes?  I recently started following a fantastic blog (  She recently featured an interview with a running blogger, Wendy ( that mentioned this tumblr site ( that generates Ryan Gosling memes for runners.  This is my current fave:

thanks, Laura Kahl 

The only problem is that I’m not a huge Ryan Gosling fan.  I hope my HH doesn’t mind if I sub him in in my runner girl fantasies…



Now we’re talking!

Check out these blogs if you are a runner…Wendy’s blog is very inspirational for new runners I think in particular.  She has an amazing energy that really comes across on her blog.  Runoffwriter is a new runner, and her blog is fairly new like mine.  She writes on running, rants and jive turkeys.  She might be my new favorite blogger.

The Work It Out Wednesday song is Noche Nada by the Givers, a fantastic band from Louisiana.  I love any song that builds up a beat, and this song is irresistible from start to finish.  Even better, the lyrics are darn near indecipherable, so I like to make up words and lame lyrics as I run.  Yes, I’m weird that way.

Run, walk, protect your health–ENJOY your day!


4 thoughts on “Work It Out Wednesday: Noche Nada

  1. Okay seriously good stuff here!! Love the pic of Chris too! Going to check out this new blog, thanks for sharing your new find! Keep it up PP you are the best:)


  2. Wow….so honored!!! Thanks so much for all the love!! Very humbling… I’m smiling like anything:)

    Why ARE Ryan Gosling memes so great even to those of us who aren’t really into the guy???

    Wendy is really great- I’m so glad I got to know her and introduce her to so many other people! Thanks so much for reading!


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