Alex, TiffeeG and Running Updates!

Thanks for the response to my last post!  I could have gone on and on with the topic of my firstborn entering high school and how much of a pressure cooker it seems to be nowadays.  I have always seen myself as a protector for my boys, a guide and a guardian.  I view motherhood as leading the way into new territory and pulling them along with a steady hand and the wisdom and experience to show them the way (accompanied by getting behind and shoving them with a foot up their butt as needed).  I guess last week’s info session just unnerved me because I felt so lacking in the knowledge and wisdom I thought I would have to guide Alex.  Also, we are entering those years where I quit forging the path and cede the lead, so to speak.  He has to step in front now, and we have to stand beside him for what feels like the first time.  Not behind pushing, not in front pulling or clearing the path and explaining where he’s going, but next to him, watching him make his own path and helping him keep his course.

It’s nice to see that others feel the same way, especially when you’re like me…entering into a new school district and listening to all these perfectly coiffed moms around me in the auditorium talking about the advanced classes their children are planning on taking like it’s no big deal.  Of course, many of them have been in the district forever and know how it all works.  Perhaps they have older children and are thus quite knowledgeable, and perhaps they have secret worries too about the pressure that they’re just not expressing for my eavesdropping ears.

Still, it felt like they knew what was going on and I didn’t, and so I felt like a failure.  It didn’t last (thankfully!), and as I described, we left the evening full of excitement for the next four years.  The three of us sat down last night and talked about his interests and expectations for high school, and he now has a plan for his courses next year.  He has decided to take French 3, an Introduction to Engineering design course and a Competitive Speech and Drama course as his electives and to take Biology as his Honors course.  So here’s to dead frogs, 3-D software and public speaking!  Je l’aime!

Back to running!  Last Friday’s 12-miler was fantastic, if a bit fast at an average 10:01 pace.  I couldn’t help it–I slowed myself down several times, but it truly felt comfortably easy the entire way; in fact, for the first 8 miles I felt like I could file my nails or something while I ran…kind of like the 5-hour Energy Guy knitting while he runs his 10 miles.  I almost had the energy to record my debut album 🙂 (and if you haven’t seen that commercial, then that whole thing makes no sense, I know)!

A little pain kicked in around Mile 9 and brought me back to reality…my knees started to ache a bit, but the pain subsided as soon as I stopped running.  Unfortunately, my plantar fasciitis also started up in my left heel, and I was not able to ice immediately after, as I had to dash off to the doctor (and on a side note, never trust a male gyno who says you’ll only feel “a pinch”.  He doesn’t know what a pinch is, but I bet if we tried the same procedure on his testicles, he’d find a more appropriate descriptor.  I hate lying doctors…just go ahead and tell me that I’m going to experience the most painful cramp ever).

So I am still fighting the ol’ PF, that nefarious nemesis, that f*##er in my foot that threatens my marathon dream.  I’m icing and babying things (I am all about putting my feet up, folks!), and I’ve started the prescription cream again, which I hate to use because it’s so sticky and expensive.  We’ll see how it holds up.  Luckily, I am on a pullback week, running only 3, 6 and 3 on Monday, today and tomorrow and then 9 on Friday.  It should give me plenty of opportunity to take it easy on my deformed feet.

Did I just type those words?  Hmm.  Isn’t it funny how so much of the marathon training is mental as well as physical?  After a few weeks in this program, suddenly I think of a 9-mile run as kickin’ back.  It’s like joining a cult…reminds me of when I was really into CrossFit in Switzerland and 150 squats seemed like a moderate workout instead of the ass-kicking that it really was.  It’s all relative, I guess!  And again, as long as my feet hold out, I’m not even intimidated by 14 miles.  I must be drinking the Kool-Aid.  I think I’m easily manipulated.

Next week will be a test in my training, as I am scheduled to run 4, 7 and 4 early in the week for the first time followed by my first EVER 14-mile run on Friday.  I can’t wait!  Yes, Hal Higdon, I’m your disciple!  Just don’t ask me for my credit card info or to move to your running compound in Waco.

Finally, a TiffeeG update…she is sitting at St. Luke’s right now getting infused with what I hope is all kinds of healing goodness.  Remicade, work your magic on my sister, please!!!  Her husband brought her and got her set up, and I am going right now to pick her up and get her back home.

This picture summarizes us so well…she is dressed perfectly and presents like a princess. I am a freaking mess with chubby knees and scuffed shoes, and why is my yellow underwear showing?  Did I refuse to wear pants that day? 


Off to get TiffeeG and run 6 frigid miles…happy Tuesday!

Total miles logged: 106.


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