Work it out Wednesday

I hope to make this a regular feature…running tunes that get me fired up!  I am one of those people who can’t exercise without motivating music.  I welcome any reader suggestions for great running/workout songs.

My first tune is my current fave:  “Sweet Nothing” by Calvin Harris featuring Florence Welch.  Yep, put these two together and I can run all day, or at least until I spot a Starbucks.  Check the song out if you don’t already have it and go work it out, peeps!  Whether you have general holiday stress or self-directed anger because you ate a few too many Christmas cookies, a little exercise will surely help, and this song will keep you pumped up.

What song gets you motivated during a run?

Miles logged: 8.


5 thoughts on “Work it out Wednesday

  1. Ok I will share! I love to hear about great running tunes- they are so important to keep me going. I will add this new one to my collection- love it! Some of my faves: (new and old- don’t judge:):

    Empire State of Mind- Jay-Z
    Are You Gonna Be My Girl?- Jet
    One of These Things First- Nick Drake (slower paced- maybe mid-run?)
    Middle of the Road- The Pretenders
    Umbrella or Only Girl in the World- Rihanna

    Ok- keep posting new ones! Love this blog Angie- very inspiring to “runners” and more importantly sisters like me…



  2. Some good ones from the 80’s that I like to hear when running are “Push it” by Salt and Pepa and “Hurt So Good” by John Cougar 🙂


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